Exporting to MusicXML ignores lyrics placed on rests

• Jul 2, 2022 - 15:58


1) Create a new empty score - the entire score is filled with rests.
2) Add a lyric to a rest.
3) Export to MusicXML.
4) View MusicXML in a text editor and it can be seen the lyric is not exported to the rest.



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I'm sorry I'm not quite following, if you mean within MuseScore, select a rest, CTRL-L (on Windows - I don't know about other OSes), and type in a lyric.

As for other kinds of text, I'm not certain what other texts MusicXML supports. I am using MuseScore as an editor for a custom application that reads the MusicXML files exported by MuseScore and I rely on the lyric Element of MusicXML.

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