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• Dec 21, 2022 - 15:55
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Dear all, I am having trouble with the sub-panels of the "properties" on MuseScore 4 . Namely, while trying to alter some values in the "reproduction" properties of the notes, the sub-panel specific to the notes reproduction suddenly closes when I click on its blank spaces. The same is happening while trying to change note-heads from the properties menu if I select a passage by mouse-dragging and selecting "notes" in the property panel.

Steps to replicate the issue:
1. Select a passage in the score by shift+mouse or shift+arrows.
2. In the left "properties" menu select "note".
3. In the "note" sub-menu select "head" or "beam".
4. The sub-menu closes, without allowing adjustments.

In alternative
1. Select a passage in the score by shift+mouse or shift+arrows;
2. Select "reproduction" or "aspect".
3. Click anywhere in the just-opened sub-menu.
4. The sub-menu closes, without allowing adjustments.

I already uninstalled and re-installed MuseScore, but the issue is always 'staying there'.

Thank you for your support.

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I am not able to reproduce this on Windows 10. What OS are you using, and what method are you using to select things (mouse, touchscreen, wiimote, etc.)?

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Dear Trainzack, thank you for your patience. I'm using windows 10, and selecting items in all different ways (mouse, trackpad and shift+arrows).
However, in these days I have found what the issue was: I'm working on two desktops. Finally, moving and working with MuseScore's window on the main desktop, I was able select and edit inside the sub-menus without problems. However, I would still suggest to work this out, just thinking about those users not aware how to work around the issue if they work with my same conditions.
Still, thank you for your quick support.