Shortcuts don't work with numeric keypad under Xubuntu 14.10

• Sep 26, 2014 - 04:45
S4 - Minor
by design

On Xubuntu 14.10 (MuseScore 2a67602), shortcuts can't be used with numeric keypad. For example, if I select a note and press + on the numeric keypad, no tie is added. However, if I press the other + (to the left of the Backspace key), the tie is added.

Same for other shortcuts, like the augmentation dot (.), quarter selection (5), etc.

There's no problem to use numeric keypad keys to enter text in editing mode. The problem is only about shortcuts.

I'm using a QWERTY keyboard. My locale is fr_CA.UTF-8.

Note that I can't reproduce this bug on Windows 7 in VirtualBox (MuseScore 2 Beta 1).


Confirmed in KUbuntu 13.04 32 bit, commit fc6fe02. Qwerty, ru_RU.
'+' on numeric keypad does not make a tie. Numbers 0-9 do not select note duration when entering notes (for ex., 'N' - '8' - 'd').
Numbers work when I enter text (Ctrl+T, Ctrl+L).

Does it work if you add "Numpad +" to the list of accepted shortcuts for tie? I'm guessing your keyboard sends different codes for the different "+" signs, so if you want both to be accepted, you'd need to list both as shotcuts. In which case, we can close this as "by design".

Sorry for reviving this issue, but I would like to suggest something related to this. I would like to have the numpad numbers as default shortcuts for the note values, together with the regular keyboard numbers. Back in 1.3 I could use both with the same effect by default, so I ended up getting very used to change the note values using numeric keypad, since the keys layout is very good for memorizing.

In the MuseScore 2 configuration, I can easily add the keypad shortcuts manually, so this is not a huge problem, but I think it would be better to have it by default for me and also for people coming from Sibelius, because this software makes heavy use of the numpad (and we can expect a lot of them coming, people are very impressed by 2.0)

And the numeric keypad is not being used for anything else by default, for now, except for this exact use, but for tabs only. I can see the reason for choosing those shortcuts for tabs, because the regular numbers are used for note input, but I can't see a reson for not extending the same shortcuts for standard notation.

Well, enough blabbing. Thanks!