Fermata over a note in leger line can't be selected after changing direction

• Sep 26, 2014 - 05:34
S4 - Minor

On Xubuntu 14.10 (MuseScore commit 2a67602):

  • Create a new score and add a note in leger line:


  • Add a fermata over this note and press x to flip direction, so the fermata is now below.
  • Click anywhere on the score to unselect the fermata.
  • Try to select again the fermata by clicking on it.

Result: the fermata cannot be selected. If we try to click on it, MuseScore acts like if there's no symbol (the mouse cursor is changed for little arrows to allow to move the score):


Note: it seems that this problem may occur with other articulations and ornaments.

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I can reproduce the bug with steps above, but with trill instead of fermata.

I can also reproduce the bug with staccato, but the bug is a little bit different:

  • Add a note anywhere (leger line is not necessary).
  • Add a staccato on this note and press x to flip direction.
  • Click anywhere on the score to unselect the staccato.

Result: the staccato disappeared.

  • Click on the note to select it.

Result: the staccato appears again.

  • Click anywhere on the score to unselect the note.
  • Try to select the staccato by clicking on it.

Result: the staccato cannot be selected.

BTW, there are a number of other instances where items can be unselectable. I have investigated and fixed a couple of them, but I've seen others as well that I haven't been able to reproduce on command. From what I've seen, workaround is usually to force a full relayout of the score - this happens on any edit operation, or even just on Ctrl+A.

Regarding the staccato dot disappearing - seems to happen only for notes on a line. I'm guessing the dot is actually rendering directly on a line and we can't see it.

For staccato, I can reproduce the bug with notes that are not on a line, for example with all these notes:


It seems that it happens when the staccato is automatically put below the note and we flip direction to put it above. This problem also occurs with other symbols, like sforzato and tenuto.

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