Content of new palette cells exceeds its grid

• Sep 26, 2014 - 09:57
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On Xubuntu 14.10 (MuseScore commit 2a67602), I create a new palette. Then I drag and drop an item from Text palette to my custom palette.

Result: content of the new item on my custom palette exceeds its grid. Screenshot without grid displayed:


Screenshot with grid displayed:


If I add a few items, the result is almost unusable. Wihtout grid:


With grid:


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You may edit the size. So:

- Right-click of the palette name (new Palette in your example) -> Palette Properties -> Change the scale value, to 0.60. It works in your example. (Or/and change the width and height of the cell size.)

- You may also change each element individually. Same process: right-click on an element -> Properties -> Edit the content scale as desired.

new palette.jpg

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Thanks a lot. It solves the problem.

I realize that the Text palette has this configuration:

Cell Size - Width: 84
Cell Size - Height: 28
Element Offset: 0.00
Scale: 0.65

while a new palette has this one by default:

Cell Size - Width: 50
Cell Size - Height: 60
Element Offset: 0.00
Scale: 1.00

so after drag and drop, we may have to make some adjustments (as you explained).