placement for ottavas get ignored

• Sep 26, 2014 - 12:14
S4 - Minor

regardless whether you chose 'above' or below' for any of the ottava lines in Inspector, it doesn't take any effect, they stay at some fixed position (8va, 15ma, 22ma above, 8vb, 15mb, 22mb below), Instectors shows 'below' for them all.

c15c7f3, Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit


I don't believe it is *supposed* to be possible to control the vertical position of lines except the via setting the style setting. I think it is an error that the Inspector appears to give you control. i think that was intended to affect the placement of the *text* within the line, just as Line Properties do, although neither actually works because the text style vertical alignment is defeating this setting.

Well, I take that back. It *does* look like there is code to honor a "below" placement for ottavas (not for other types of lines, though). And it does work when placing directly from the palette. It just doesn't seem to be hooked up to the Inspector at all.

Turns out it's very easy to get the Inspector above/below setting honored - it was just a matter of propagating the setting from the ottava segment to the parent ottava. The only question is whether the hooks should automatically reverse themselves when flipping the ottava from top to bottom or vice versa. I'm thinking yes, but I guess depending on one's use case, you might expect otherwise. It's simpler to not reverse the hooks of course, but we're talking like an extra three lines of code, so it's no big deal either way.