Change lyrics format in 2.0.0 beta revision 1efc609

• Oct 13, 2014 - 19:08

I hope I'm not missing something obvious, but I have a song that I want to change the lyric font size on. As the 'apply to similar items' seems to have gone from 2.0 beta, how can I do it? If I change the setting in Style->Text... it isn't applied to lyrics already entered.


Lyrics *should* always resize if you change the text style in 2.0 Beta/Nightly. If you have a specific score where they don't, please post it and steps to reproduce the problem. Do be aware there are separate style settings for "odd" and "even" lines, so you have to change them both if you want all verses affected.

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The score was first created in 1.3. I had changed the lyrics there, because I sometimes like the odd and even lines to be different colours. I often set the even lines to midnight (dark blue).

Is that likely to make a difference?

I am now using 2.0.0 beta revision 1efc609, I shouldn't have said 2.1 – I hadn't checked and memory plays tricks!

I've tried various procedures to try to bulk change the lyric font sizes, but I cannot get anything to work. In the styles both odd and even lines are set at 12pt, but the lyrics stubbornly remain at 10pt or 11pt. I'm not sure how some are 10pt and others 11pt!

There is only a vocal line and piano part, so it isn't to do with too many instruments.

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Yes, 1.3 "baked" text settings into the lyrics, so it's too late to change them with text style settings.

It *should* be possible to change them all at once by right clicking one, Select / All similar elements, and using either Text Properties or the Inspector to reset to style. However, #24436: Changes made in Text Properties do not affect all selected elements prevents this from working.

BTW, a possible reason the size is an issue in the first place - and perhaps also the reason there is inconsistency in size - is #33016: Reducing page scaling makes lyrics too small.

So I assume if/when these issues are fixed, there will be a good way to deal with scores like this. Unfortunately, I don't know a good workaround right now.

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Yes, I do often fiddle with page scaling because I like to get scores fitting tight on the page. And if the facility is there it shouldn't conflict with other settings. But I know how these complexities happen, so I sympathise with the developers.

I could open the mscz and try to reset the lyrics with BBEdit. Or what if I reset the page size?

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