note alignment with multiple voices in unison [possible duplicate?]

• Dec 18, 2009 - 00:29
S5 - Suggestion

Attached is a snippet with multiple voices, the bottom two of which are in unison for a few beats.

On initial load of an mscz file under 0.9.5 (on Mac OS X on MacPro) the notes of unison voices are rendered "side-by-side" rather than a single notehead with opposing stems. (notealign-1.png attached.)


By selecting the measure (double clicking an empty space), the unison voices are re-rendered aligned as expected. (notealignafter-1.png)



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Thanks for the tip ... there doesn't appear to be a way for a poster to "edit" the original post so I had to "reply" to fix the 2nd image link. Thanks for cleaning it up.

Also, The "preview" function doesn't render the embedded html tags or "inlines" - possible to add that capability?

The original post is indeed not editable. There are several reasons for this: push to make sure the post is good right from the start; if the original post would change; it may become out of line with the discussion in the comments; it's the standard way for most forum and issue trackers.

The preview function should normally render inline tags without problems. If inline can't find the attachment, there might be something wrong with the syntax as it did in your original post.

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