Title as Header

• Nov 25, 2014 - 05:14
S5 - Suggestion

For brevity here I use MS1 for MuseScore 1.3 and MS2 for MuseScore 2.0 Beta 1.

There was no easy way in MS1 to print the title on every page of a score, other than by adding a text box to each page. MS2 adds a header that can be set to contain $:workTitle or $:movementTitle so as to include the title on each page. However, in playing with this I've found a problem:

Scores I've imported into MS1 from Finale through MusicXML, when opened in MS2, have the title value assigned to movementTitle, and nothing assigned to workTitle. Scores I've created directly in MS1, even though they contain a title, have no value assigned to either workTitle or movementTitle when opened in MS2. (Seeing as how MS1 doesn't have headers, footers, or metatags, this is understandable, but I would think that when MS2 opens the file it would find the title and assign the value to the proper metatag.) I tried deleting and recreating the title in such a score (one that had been created in MS1) in MS2 but both workTitle and movementTitle remained with no value assigned. (Perhaps I need to save and reopen the file after the edit; I didn't do that.) If I create a new score in MS2 using the wizard, only then does it assign a value to workTitle (but not to movementTitle). (If in MS2 I assign an empty metatag such as $:workTitle or $:movementTitle to the header it just displays the tag, not the actual title. Should it not rather display nothing?) Either I'm missing something I need to know or there's something wrong here. At least so it seems to me.


Even in 1.x you can set workTitle and movementTitle, and if you did, this should carry over to 2.0.
In 1.x however, there was no way of accessing these values to display somewhere in the score.
I think workTitle is set in 2.0 on creation of a new score, but not on import from 1.x.

A "title" in MuseScore is really nothing special - just a piece of text that happens to have that particular text style. So it doesn't necessarily make sense to go around hunting to see if an imported score has a piece of text with that style and assign metadata on that basis, although I'm sure it's perfectly possible. We'd also have to consider how to handle multiple titles. First one wins, maybe?

But are you saying you see a bug where empty workTitle displays as name of tag? I don't see that. Can you provide a sample score? Are you sure you are entering the tag info correctly?

BTW, probably better to use the Technology Preview forum for open-ended questions like this, and save the issue tracker for clear cut bugs with steps to reproduce.


I apologize, first for posting in the wrong place, second for an oversight that caused me to report incorrect information. I failed to observe that in including metatags in headers and footers the tag name must be followed by a colon. That's why my empty metatags (and populated ones too) were appearing as the tag name. With the colon they're fine.

Since posting I have learned where to edit metatags in MS1 and MS2 (the places are very different). With this new insight I should be able to overcome the difficulty I was having, which was the reason for my post.

I had made the faulty assumption that metatags would or should be populated automatically. I see that most are not, but now I know how to do it manually, and even create new ones in MS2.

Thank you for your patience with me.