Lasso chord names and copy

• Jan 4, 2010 - 16:12
S5 - Suggestion


I'm not sure if this has been reported, but if I lasso a number of chordnames and press ctrl-c to copy and then ctrl-v to paste, I get no result.



It seems to be my experience that chordnames are bound to positions in bars, defined by events (notes or rests). Therefore, if I have a bar divided into 4 events, one can add a chordname (or more) to each event.

In my original post, I was dealing with 8 bars, each with a whole rest. I had attached a chordname to each of the first 4 bas. The following 4 bars also contained whole rests and required the same changes. I tried to copy the chordnames from the 1st 4 bars to the 2nd 4 bars.

Regards, and thanks for all.

No. It's not just chord symbols, though. As far as I know, you can't copy and paste *any* groups of items if you aren't also copying what they are attached to. While it might be possible to deal with that directly, I think the better model would be to select the entire region, notes and all, but have control over what actually gets copied - a dialog in which you select different object types. I think this beats trying to lasso-select just the desired objects because that isn't always feasible. An attempt to lasso-selected a group of chord symbols, for example, might also grab other above-staff text markings, or articulations, or any sufficiently high notes.

So I would propose closing this as a duplicate of, well, whatever issue might already exist requesting more flexible copy/paste (I couldn't actually find one).