Crash when enabling Note Entry after adding linked stave and removing original

• Nov 30, 2014 - 13:20
S2 - Critical

Nigthly, November 29 (be027cd) / Windows7

1. Open "My First Score"

2. "I" -> Add a linked staff (bass clef default) -> Add an other linked staff (treble clef default)

3. Via left window of Instrument dialog always, add a standard staff for guitar -> then, add a linked staff (change type for Tab. 6-str, but same effect with an other linked standard staff)

So, we have this configuration.


4. Delete the first staff (treble clef), the second staff (bass clef), and fourth staff (standard staff guitar)

So, we have now:


5. Ok -> Press "N" for Note entry mode.

Result: crash

- Do not ask me why I tried so twisted and tricky configuration! :) Simply, I have often made mistakes in my tests, instinctively and with alacrity, when I want to link a Tab staff to “My First Score”.

This does not work (I know now since a long time!) since the first staff with Treble clef admits only a linked staff with Bass clef in first intention. This is also a little regret ... It should be possible to link a Tab staff directly from “My First Score”.

I know of course that can be done in a really simple way (via a "Template", or adding two linked staves - standard + linked Tab staff - and by removing the first staff)

Let's say I was trying various configurations, and I came across this bug and crash by chance!
There may be a more direct way to get there. Maybe?

That being said (a bit long and probably useless!), this crash has an origin, and I can say that it occured on last September 25.

It is due to this commit:…
, which fixed this issue: #31526: Text Line remains when undoing Linked Staff

- Note that this bug only appears via "My First Score". All is well if you first create from the Wizard a score for piano: then immediately removing the second staff with bass clef, and continue by adding linked staves, in bass clef and treble clef, then guitar scores, etc. etc.

- Finally, note that, despite appearances (in the second picture, with the presence of ticks near the two clefs type), these staves are not linked in reality after the opening of the score.

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Title Crash by adding and removing linked staves or not in a certain order Crash when enabling Note Entry after adding linked stave and removing original


Just to simplify:

1. Open 'My First Score'.
2. 'Add'>'Instruments…'.
3. Click on stave.
4. 'Add Linked Stave'.
5. Click on original stave.
6. 'Remove'.
7. 'OK'.
8. Enable 'Note Entry'.

Result: Crash.


See attached log.

It can also be reproduced with a new score.

See this discussion on linked staves.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build c547bb7 - Mac 10.7.5.