Tab staves created in Guitar Pro import do not show in instrument list, can't be deleted

• Nov 30, 2014 - 23:22
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I had imported a Guitar Pro file, switched to one of parts and tried to hide a tabulature (it takes space and has no value for me... especially for a flute part).

Requested feature: ability to hide an entire staff in a part score (a tabulature in this case). (e.g. an option in "staff properties")


There is already an option to hide staves in the Instruments list (Add / Instruments). Or you could simply remove the staff if you don't want it.

If this doesn't solve your problem, please post the score you are having problems with and exact step by step instructions to reproduce the issue.

I cannot find this option. As I wrote, I wanted to hide a tabulature from a track view, not entire staff (from a notation for a single instrument, not a whole partiture). The second thing is, that I didn't notice the option you have mentioned. Now I know it, but it might be availble in "staff properties" and object controler too, since it's the most natural place to put it. (And since it would disappear, user could recieve a don't-tell-me-this-anymore msgbox "You can bring the staff you've hidden in the 'instruments' window").

Also, it might be possible to choose what should be visible in a partiture view - a TAB, standard notation, neither of them, or both -- individually for all tracks -- this is a separate issue, though. There are some nice things in GP5 GUI and a visibility window at the bottom of screen is one of them. It has a lot of features and is almost perfect from ergonomy point of view -- see a screenshot (by the way it shows that some of text wasn't imported at all). An idea: A user can switch between a pages' navigator and a GP-style track list.

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Sorry, I still don't understand. If this is a flute score, you don't need the tab staff at all - not in the score or in the part. Correct? If so, why not just delete the staff? Press "I" to display the instruments dialog.

The idea of being able to hide an instrument via staff properties makes sense, but as you note, it doesn't make sense to be able to *unhiude* it that way. Not sure were really need two different ways of achieving the same thing.

At this point, though, does this answer your questions? You can either delete the staff or hide it. In this case, it sure seems that deleting it is what you want, though.

If this doesn't answer your question, maybe you start a thread in the Technology Preview forum for further discussion, then update the issue tracker with the results of that discussion.

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Please download the "gp3" file and try it yourself. It is not possible to remove a staff from a part score, and a tabulature staff isn't defined anywhere so it cannot be removed either. One can recreate imported parts, but it is a workaround.

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Title Hide a [tabulature] staff Tab staves created in Guitar Pro import do not show in instrument list, can't be deleted
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OK, I understand now. It wasn't clear you were describing an issuer that only affects files imported from Guitar Pro. Normal scores don't have this issue. I've changed the title to be more descriptive of the problem.

Ah, I thought this sounded a little familiar. I have no particular opinion on how things are set up - never having used GP, I have no insight into what kind of scores people might create or what different expectations people creating different types of scores might have. My assumption is, thwere is no defauts that would work for all scores. So I'm not so concerned about the defaults. I'd just expect there be a way to tweak things later, and right now, there does not seem to be any way to remove the tab staves - they don't even show in the list. I don't see how that could be good.

Hi, 2014 called and here we are.
The problem stated in the title of this issue is still present. However, the title is virtually unrelated to it's description. Maybe we should create a new issue?

Anyway, still buggy.

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: b5add95

There are staves in the issue you've mentioned. Here we do not have them. So, definitely not and the title is quite precise. See the attached Guitar Pro file.

This issue is pretty messed up due to a lengthy discussion and some misunderstandings -- this is why I have suggested creating a new issue