grace notes do not play

• Jan 23, 2010 - 08:20
S5 - Suggestion

using r2637

1. create a new score, treble clef
2. add quarter note
3. add 16th grace note before the note.
4. play it, grace note doesn't sound. same with 32th grace note.

attached musicxml file include 16th grace notes with beam, no sound either.

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note-grace-with-beam.xml 4.68 KB


Acciaccatura and appoggiatura sound during playback.

In current versions of MuseScore, quarter grace note, 16th grace note, and 32nd grace note do not sound during playback.

I think it should still be active because I have musescore 1.3 and the grace notes don't play. I am not using the 2.0 nightly builds because I want to wait until it is finished to download it. Other people are having problems with it too no matter what version.

Status (old) needs info closed

Understood, but the whole point of the issue tracker is to allow the developers to keep track of which bugs they still need to fix. This has already been fixed, so there is nothing more for the developers to do regarding this bug. Hence it should be not be appearing as "active". That's just not how it works.