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• Jan 14, 2015 - 17:42
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Hi there,
I've been working on transposing a piece from horn in F to alto sax in Eb, but I'm getting some rather odd behaviour with the key signatures. Firstly, when I did the transposition by changing the instrument, the key signatures didn't transpose - and when I tried to change the key signatures manually it didn't take the key signature I dragged over, but added a couple of sharps. I was working with the piece displayed in transposed pitch. When I changed that to concert pitch and repeated the instrument change, it did transpose the key signatures as expected, but still has the problems with any key signatures I drag into the piece. I've attached a short extract. I'm working with Version 2.0 Beta 2 (version no. a925ae0)

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It is a known limitation that "change instrument" does not change key signatures for you - see #31001: Wrong key when changing instrument. For now at least, you need to make the key changes manually. This is on my list to look at for 2.0, but realistically, given there is a simple workaround, I don't consider it a showstopper.

As for the fact that dragging key signatures always expects you to use the concert pitch version of the key signature, that is by design. Consider in a score for many instruments, MuseScore would have no idea which instrument's transposition you wished to use. So it always goes with concert pitch, then transposes as appropriate for each staff. Simply drag in the concert pitch key signature and all should be well. There is an existing feature request filed to somehow provide a way to allow you specify you want the key not to be transposed when adding it, but the semantics of how this should work are not clear. See #28376: Request method to specify that key signature being added is already transposed.

So that much already is duplicate of existing reports. But I don't quite understand the last couple of sentences. Sounds like you are saying there might be more going on that this, but I can't be sure. If what I have described above does not fully explain what you are seeing, could you provide step by step instructions to reproduce a problem *other* than what I have explained above?

Otherwise, I guess we can close this as duplicate of those other two issues, and you now know your workarounds.

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OK Marc, Thanks for the explanation. I did try a quick search to see if this was a know issue, but didn't see anything. Yes, you are right - no other problem. I was showing someone else how to use the program. Now I'm aware of this, I'm make sure others know too. I've changed the status to closed.
Thanks again,

I think I have a related problem, and yes there is a easy workaround, but for the record:

Tested on : MuseScoreNightly-2015-01-18-0508-2e2aa1c.7z

Started Musescore, added alto sax to ”My_First_Score”, deleted piano.
Shows 3 sharps in transposed view.
Pressed concert view button and it shows no accidentals, i.e. ”C major / A minor”
Pressed ”Transpose chromatically by key” and it shows current key as ”Eb major/C minor”,
from there it goes wrong.
When doing the same exercise in transposed view, it works correctly.