Missing translations

• Feb 10, 2010 - 11:19
S4 - Minor

Although the translation is available in the ts file, the interface does not show the translation:
Every 3 days
Every week


Hi Everybody!

In the spanish translation both,

Replace 1/2 with fraction character ½
Replace (C) with copyright symbol © (Only applies to text in the copyright section)

are also not translated.

Hi alkayata,

This bug is indeed still open. It might be related with character encoding. It could be related with the translation server and in order to rule this out: do we know of other strings which include ½ and © and which are correctly translated?

I filtered on "1/2", and found 4 more locations, however, I have no idea where to find them in musecore to see if they translate properly or not...

"pad note 1/2"
"enter 1/2 rest"
"1/2 rest"
"note 1/2"

in context 'action' or 'symbol'

(there is only one (C) in musecore)

I don't know of any other Unicode strings in the source code (other than the text preference tab and the about box). I suppose we could delete them and the phrases would still make sense (although not as clear).

I'd like to find out what the problem is. If it's a problem caused by the translation server, then I'd prefer to fix it rather than avoid it. Let me dig into it.

Another string meantioned by ciabob which is not translated: "All Supported Files ..." in the file type filter of the Open File dialog.

All the above mentioned issues are 0.9.5 regressions. I'm looking for the common reason for all these strings which causes the problem. So far, I didn't find it.

Title Missing translations in settings window Missing translations

I'm bumping up this issue to critical since we really want translations to be complete if the translators did all the effort to reach 100% coverage.

Investigating this for a couple of hours now and there may be a lead: the lupdate verion on the translation server was 4.5.0 while the last one is 4.6.2. The ts output from 4.6.2 is more accurate than the 4.5.0 one. So upgrading to 4.6.2 will already solve a couple of the above mentioned missing translations. Hopefully all of them.

Status (old) active fixed

Previous guess that Qt on the translation server needed to be updated to 4.6.2 was a good guess.
All problems fixed now! Yihaa!

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the confirmation David.

Fyi: each hour, 4 translations are being exported and since we have ~24 languages, that means 6 hours in total before all mscore_xx.ts files are updated.

Hi all,

Maybe I have to wait longer, but I still seeing the issue.... I'm running a self-compiled version on ubuntu:

These are the steps I'm taking:

- /usr/bin/svn co https://mscore.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mscore/trunk mscore
(checked out revision 2824) (I verified the presence of the CORRECT dutch translation in the .ts file!)
- cd mscore
- /usr/bin/make clean
- /usr/bin/make revision
- /usr/bin/make release
- sudo /usr/bin/make install

Then I launch /usr/local/bin/mscore. About: Revision 2824M.

And when I go to preferences, text, I STILL see the english text, instead of the dutch translation.

Am I missing something? Does it work for others? My os: ubuntu 9.10 x64...


Status (old) fixed active

Well, err... hate to give bad news, but:
- this fixed some of the issues, such as the "replace fraction 1/2 etc." text, but most of the other still show up.
- I made a list for you last night and it looks it still could be useful. It's attached to a post of mine (the last one) in the Romanian translation forum.
- re-opened the bug :D

Good luck,

Status (old) fixed active

I checked the file from ciacob and here are my findings with beta 2 and the dutch qm file which you can download from the translation server.

Can't reproduce a problem:
about window, the main html content
preferences window - text tab, Replace 1/2 with fraction character ½
preferences window - text tab, Replace (C) with copyright symbol © (Only applies to text in the copyright section)
time signature window, 4/4 common time
bracket window, Bracket
bracket window, Akkolade
alterations window, all alterations name (sharp, flat, etc)
fingering window, Fingering %1

--> for the pallet strings, I have the feeling that you may want to start up your musescore under mscore.exe -F to flush the cached pallet file

preferences window - languages drop down, System
preferences window, Cancel
preferences window, Apply
preferences window, OK

--> this come with Qt under qt_XX.qm which we will need to find out how we can translate this

Can't find:
location, string

Qt already provide some localization (qt_XX.qm files).
A lot of project relies on Qt and have the same problem than MuseScore.
Especially VirtualBox.
See http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/2018
You can find there a qt_hu.ts file (don't know which version of Qt... and don't know how it will fit in MuseScore)

Some more qt_XX.ts files

The qt_XX files are copied from the Qt installation directory during build process on windows only. I just checked and MuseScore on mac is delivered without these files. I don't know about Linux.

I'm double checking now your findings with the latest nightly (r2776) and latest Romanian qm (Thu, 03/04/2010 - 05:15):
"about window, the main html content" --> FIXED
"preferences window - text tab, Replace (C) with copyright symbol © (Only applies to text in the copyright section)" -->FIXED
"time signature window, 4/4 common time" --> NOT FIXED, see screenshot1.jpg
"bracket window, Bracket" --> NOT FIXED, see screenshot2.jpg
"bracket window, Akkolade" --> NOT FIXED, also
"alterations window, all alterations name (sharp, flat, etc)" --> NOT FIXED, see screenshot3.jpg
"fingering window, Fingering %1" --> NOT FIXED, see screenshot4.jpg
I ran the program both as

>nightly.exe -F
>nightly.exe /F

(not sure which one works under Windows).

"location, string" -->this was just the header of the file (CSV dormat)
This is the system I'm running the nightly under: screenshot5.jpg

Good luck,

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preferences window - languages drop down, System
This one is a bug in the code. The "system" string is required to be translated before the locale is set in the program.
It's fixed in r2825

Question: what is the use of the *.ts file under mscoreNightly/nightlybuild/mscore/share/locale/? The "mscore_ro.ts" file is ages old...

No use. The ts files are no more included in prereleases, they should be removed from nightly. Please use the forum for this type of question to avoid polluting the bug report discussion.

ciacob, you screenshots in #21 made things clear. I looked in the pallet, but in fact it's the windows. Thanks for the effort of creating these screenshots. We'll fix it.

@lasconic I suspect these problems are the same as the one from in the pallet, which you fixed here.

Fixed in r2827

"time signature window, 4/4 common time" --> Missing tr() in the code. fixed. You'll see new String to translate
"bracket window, Bracket" --> Missing tr(), fixed. You'll see new String to translate
"bracket window, Akkolade" --> Missing tr(), fixed. You'll see new String to translate
"alterations window, all alterations name (sharp, flat, etc)" --> Bad context. Fixed.
"fingering window, Fingering %1" --> Missing tr(), fixed. You'll see new String to translate

Last issue, the qt strings.
My best guess for the moment

  1. take the ts file from virtual box (check licence)
  2. add them to our SVN
  3. run lrelease on them
  4. package the qm files with MuseScore on Windows and Mac

Ciacob: "Question: what is the use of the *.ts file under mscoreNightly/nightlybuild/mscore/share/locale/? The "mscore_ro.ts" file is ages old..."

The .TS files are not included with current nightly builds on Windows. If you have old .TS files on your computer it is probably because you copying the files to the same location every time and never deleted the old files.

On twitter, Prokoudine said "Bar: Beat:" in the status bar was not translatable. It's fixed.
At the same time, I look for all same pattern and I found some (10) more no "exposed" strings. There are now exposed and you can translate them in the translation server.

Status (old) fixed active

Hate to do this.
With r2830, chose "Create..." -> "Articulations & Ornaments", and you'll see they show in English. See screenshot.
Wasn't that working until yesterday?

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Status (old) active fixed

I added the headers of this table to the translatable strings. Regarding add, subtract etc... I'm not sure if it's possible to translate them without destroying the features, so I will not expose them for this version.
I put on fixed. Please reopen if you find something else.