Deleting a bar causes slurs in following bar(s) to disappear

• Jan 19, 2015 - 21:38
S3 - Major

This happens when you are editing a score and have made parts from it.
If you remove a bar with Ctrl+Del, the slurs disappear from the bar following it (sometimes for several following bars).

To reproduce, start a new blank score, enter a couple of bars with notes and slurs.
Now insert a bar at the beginning and delete it (works fine)
Make parts: File, Parts, New all
Now insert a bar at the beginning and delete it (removes slurs in next bar)


Confirmed with current build. There's actually no need to insert a measure. Just delete a measure with a slur, and you will see the next slur deleted as well, in the score. But, now visit the part, and you will see both slurs present. That is, the slur in the measure you just deleted can now been seen in the next measure of the part. So somehow some wires are getting crossed as to which slur belongs to which score, I guess.

Status (old) active needs info

I cannot reproduce this, maybe fixed by other recent changes to insert/delete measure.

Status (old) needs info active

I can still reproduce. The key is that parts must already exist. So:

1) open attached score
2) select measure 2
3) ctrl+delete

Result: the measure is deleted, but the slur in the following measure (previously measure 3, now measure 2) is also deleted. If you visit the part, you will see an extra slur present.

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