rehearsal, segno and coda markings collide with measure number on first measure of system

• Jan 30, 2015 - 21:01

When a rehearsal, segno or coda marking is added to a measure at the start of a system, it is displayed superimposed on top of the measure number. I can't speak for all notation software, but I know Finale simply hides the measure number in these cases. Perhaps MuseScore should do something similar?

I am using MuseScore nightly e255575 on Kubuntu 14.04 64-bit.



See also #31046: style settings for repeats. It's on the list to look at before release. If you want to help come up with a good set of default style settings for these markings that would avoid collision, that would be wonderful - we have a couple of cuts at it suggested already.

As for automatically hiding measure numbers, I'm not too keen on that. We can't easily detect a collision, and I'd hate to keep hiding them if someone goes to the trouble of moving the other symbols out of the way.

When I'm back at the music school on Wendesday, I'll have a look at some published scores and see if I can find some good suggestions.

In the meantime, I have found something that works well for rehearsal markings: make the text frame background color fully opaque (#FFFFFF alpha 255). This causes the rehearsal marking to cover the measure number in all cases I tried. Even the narrowest rehearsal marking (the letter 'I') completely covers the widest 3-digit measure number this way. The end result appears similar to what Finale does (even if through different means).

I can't think of any downsides to doing this... I can't imagine there would be any scenarios where you would actually want anything else to show through the rehearsal marking's box. Even if somebody changes the default font sizes in a way that causes the measure number to not be completely obscured, they would be no worse off than they are now (having to move the rehearsal marking or hide the measure number).

Playing around with coda and segno, I found that creating a region of white opaqueness behind the symbol nicely obscures the measure numbers (up to 3 digits).

For coda:
Frame type: Box
Border thickness: 0.00sp Text margin: 0.00sp
Border radius: 80
Background color: #ffffff, alpha 255

For segno:
Frame type: Box
Border thickness: 0.00sp Text margin: 0.40sp
Border radius: 80
Background color: #ffffff, alpha 255

The segno needs to be moved slightly to the right after this adjustment, though. Using the opaque white behind these symbols, however, has a downside not present with the rehearsal numbers: if something else is in close proximity to the symbol, the white box might partly cover it.

Why not simply select the measure number(s) and hit 'v' to make them invisible? Worked fine for me, downside is that every re-layout the result in system breaks to happen on different places cause you to have to hide these measure numbers again, so better do it as the last activity on that score