Copy and paste including pickup measure results in a bogus measure

• Mar 9, 2015 - 16:06
S2 - Critical

OS X 10.10.2 NB version 1e46f45

I was starting a new chart that includes a one beat pickup. The first phrase gets repeated starting in the last beat of measure 4, so I copied the pickup beat, all of measure 2, and the first two beats of measure 3 and attempted to paste. After pasting, the pickup notes properly get copied to the 4th beat of measure 4, but measure 5 becomes a 1 beat measure (with the following measures receiving the rest of the beats, albeit incorrectly.

The step-by-step snapshots are attached, along with the score.



1) new score, 4/4, one beat pickup
2) add quarter notes to pickup and first full measure
3) select pickup & first three notes of first full measure
4) copy
5) select last note of first full measure
6) paste

Result: next measure corrupt

Also, a quick addendum.

I cut and pasted the trumpet 1 line from the pickup beat through measure 8 to the clarinet line. Attached you will see that the 8th measure of the clarinet line is now only 3 beats. And I cannot insert the new beat using note entry (i.e., Musescore definitely thinks it is 3 beats long).

BTW as far as I can tell, the bug only applies to pickup measures created with wizard, not pickup measures added later, or any other irregular measures.

Trying to select the corrupt measure may produce a crash.

Status (old) fixed active

Not sure if this helps with the debugging...

I downloaded NB 1af29ba

1) I created a score from scratch.

2) I opened the old (messed up) score used from above

3) I copied the trumpet part including the pickup

4) I pasted into the new score in the same place

5) Note in the last snapshot below the new score is now corrupted with the one beat of pickup deleted from every other instrument than the one I pasted (Trumpet 1).

Status (old) needs info fixed

I'm just putting it back on fixed. Please reopen with new step-by-step instruction to create problem from scratch if you find issues. BTW, I wouldn't *necessarily* expect that copying and pasting from a possibly-already-corrupted score would work.

Status (old) fixed active

OS X 10.10.2 NB c3185c9

I don't know if this is a related problem or not...

1) Created new score from scratch using Jazz Combo template. New score has a 2 beat pickup measure.

2) Did music entry, things seem OK (see snapshot 1)

3) Ooops, I missed the 4 measure drum intro, need to convert pickup measure to a full 4 count measure, open measure properties dialog (see snapshot 2)

4) Change measure properties from 2/4 to 4/4 and uncheck "Exclude from measure count" (see snapshot 3)

5) Click OK. The ONLY measure that changes from 2 to 4 counts is the one with notes in it. All other measures are still two beat measures with half rests (see snapshot 4).

Status (old) active fixed

Seems related, but probably different. It doesn't only apply to pickup measures as the origina did, but to any time you increase the length of a shortened measure. I will file this separately.

FYI, a fix for that issue made it into the RC :-). It did indeed turn out to be unrelated to the original despite the similarity in symptoms. Good catch, and thanks for reporting it (just in time!).