Artefacts in "Strings CLP" sound (TimGM6mb.sf2)

• Mar 31, 2010 - 23:46
S5 - Suggestion

When I reproduce a score with the "Strings CLP" instrument in MuseScore Beta 2 (with TimGM6mb.sf2) appear artefacts in the audio.
I've attached a file with that I have this problem.
Thank you!

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Eine kleine Nachtmusik.xml 127.45 KB


I tried and I can reproduce. My only guess is that "Strings CLP" is not good in the Soundfont. The soundfont being free, we could try to fix it with a SoundFont editor such as Viena

It seems to be related to the number of notes playing at once. When all the instruments are playing the sound distortion is evident in all the parts. When you listen to each part separately there is some slight distortion in the 2nd violin when you get the 16th notes but the rest of the instruments sound fine individually.