"End" to move to end of score.

• Apr 11, 2010 - 15:13
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

r2923 and previous.

When the end button is pressed, the score goes to the top of the last page.

I think the focus should go to the last bar of the piece.


Agreed this could be improved. But meanwhile note Ctrl+End does something closer to what might be expected, and Shift+Ctrl+End does exactly what I'd expect. So in practice there shouldn't be a problem.

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Hello Jojo, im interested to have a shot at this...
It seems that for version 2.2.1, when there are multiple pages, when the End maps to page-end, the score translates correctly to the last page when End is pressed. However when there is only one page, it looks as if the page just scrolls/focused up on the first page.

Looking at Ctrl+End and Ctrl+Home which map to last-element and first-element, the shortcuts seems to work to focus on last and first elements. However sometimes this doesnt work after some note selection + navigation (i have not narrowed down the exact sequence to reproduce) (probably a followup bug)

Should End and/or Ctrl+End behave differently when there is only a single page?
Should End and/or Ctrl+End behave differently when note selection is active?