Large PDF file size

• May 23, 2010 - 01:00


Windows XP, SVN branch 0.9.6 rev. 3080.

I just tried to export to PDF the score posted here : the .mscz file is 99KB, the .mscx file is 3003 KB, but the PDF is 26805 KB.

It seems to me very large for a 45 page score (and cumbersome to upload anywhere); 45 images in 300 dpi would have taken less room. The file is also very slow to display and scroll than other, much bigger, PDF files.

I didn't regularly export to PDF with previous versions, so I don't know if this is expected. Has anybody else similar experiences?

To export to PDF I used both "Save as..." and "Save a copy" but I didn't notice any difference.




Thank you for reporting this.

Creating a PDF of the same score using PDFCreator creates a 2.8 MB file. The File > Save As method definitely seems oversized.

Hi Werner,

It works perfectly: small, fast to create and to read. Super! Many thanks!

Thomas: it works in branch 0.9.6 rev. 3094.


Pdf large fil size problem: any solution already?

I'm facing the same issue.
Using Save as... .pdf I got 4,5 Mb for a 11 page (A4, black and white) pdf, which seems really too big for me.
The alternative Print... Save as PDF... just closes the window without creating any file after clicking OK.

I'm using MuseScore 1.3 with Mac OSX 10.6.8

Thanks a lot!


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Thank you so much Shoichi, but I have tried several times reducing the file size via Preview before posting in this forum. At most I got a reduction from 1,7 Mb to 1,6 Mb.
Another thing with MuseScore 1.3 is that choosing Print and then choosing "Save as PDF" in the printer options given by OSX now closes the window without creating the file. As far as I remember, that worked in prior MuseScore versions.

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