Increasing actual measure lenght does not correctly 'shift' following measures

• May 28, 2010 - 14:04
S2 - Critical

Checked on Windows XP, SVN branch 0.9.6 rev. 3103, but observed occasionally in older revisions (but difficult to document).

* Use as test bench a longish and complex score like the one posted here .
* Go to page 39: note that meas. 72 is irregular (3/4 rather than 6/4; of course this is NOT an error, but done on purpose!).
* Go to previous page (I don't know how back you have to go, in this case one page is enough)
* Select meas. 32 and set its Actual Duration Property to 8/4
* Select meas. 33 and Ctrl-Delete it (in practice, we merged meass. 32 and 33; irregular measure on next page is now 71).
* Save the score under a new name and close it (this modified version is attached for ease of test).
* Re-load both the original score and the modified one and go to page 39 of each, for comparison.

On modified score:
* The 3/4 meas. is no longer the correct one but the previous (meas. 70 instead of 71)
* If you try to select this measure, both it and the first half of the next are selected
* In measure 74 there is an extra minim before the change to C.

In practice, the score is internally out of sync with itself and any further edit makes things worse.

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Simpler steps to reproduce. No need of big score.

  1. Create a picolo score - 12 measures - 4/4
  2. Fill with C quarter notes
  3. Set actual duration of measure 7 as 2/4
  4. Set actual duration of measure 2 as 8/4

Actual result : The 2/4 measure 7 is now 4/4 and the measure just before is 2/4 and should be 4/4.
Expected result : nothing should change except measure 2.

Great! Working with small scores should make things easier to reproduce.

I like the detail of the small score being for piccolo: does it work with double bass too? (Sorry, couldn't resist the joke...).


Title Deleting measures does not correctly 'shift' properties of following measures Increasing actual measure lenght does not correctly 'shift' following measures

I tested a little bit more and even tried to look into the code.
Decreasing the duration is not an issue but increasing it seems to put the sigmap out of sync with the measure ticks.

Status (old) closed active

I'm not sure it is really fixed.

MuseScore 0.9.6 RTM under Windows XP

1) Open the attached Duration_2 score
2) Change actual duration property of measure 2 to 8/2 (= 1 longa): I get the attached Duration_2b score
3) Change the note in measure 2 to a longa: I get the attached Duration_2c score: note value in measure 2 is wrong (9.5 minims, if I count rightly, instead of 8) and measure 3 lost half of its value (but its property is still 2/2).


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I cannot confirm, David.

Whatever value I change the measure to (16/4, 8/2, 4/1), when I set the note to a longa, I always get the same wrong value (9.5 minims instead of 8).

Also, if I clear the measure (select measure and press [DEL]), the rests do not sum up to a longa, but to some irregular value (not sure which one, as rests for brevis and longa are exchanged).

Tests made on 0.9.6 RTM and SVN branch 0.9.6 rev. 3206 under Windows XP SP3