PDF Export bug

• May 12, 2015 - 22:39
S3 - Major

Printing resp. exporting a score as PDF leads to scores with missing noteheads and other faults. See attachement.

GIT commit: b25f81d

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Can you post the score you are having problems with and precise step by instructions to reproduce the problem? Also provide relevant details like what OS you are on, and be sure you don't have any fonts installed on your system that are in conflict with those used by MuseScore (in particular, Mscore, Mscore1, and Bravura).

Meanwhile I have unassigned you, since I am assuming you are not volunteering to fix the problem :-)

Thanks for your fast answer. I used the Bravura Font for this score. If there are any conflicts with fonts used by MuseScore and Fonts installed in my OS, I don't know. By the way: I have got Windows 7, 64 bit. On my system, there is also installed Sibelius 7.5, Finale and Capella with their respective music fonts.
Maybe there is a problem with the Bravura font? It is only part of the MuseScore installation, and not to be seen in windows/fonts. Does Adobe Acrobat (XI Pro) want to attach the font to the file, and can't find it? But why isn't Adobe Garamont Pro displayed correctly in the PDF either?

When printing the score, every thing is ok. The problem occurs only when »printing« a PDF.

By the way:
Gratulations to MuseScore 2.0; I prefer it to Sibelius and Finale. The handling is easy and the printed scores look very professionell!

Margret Studt

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