mscore not working after upgrade to lucid

• Jun 13, 2010 - 02:12
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

clean install of ubuntu lucid mscore has only worked for moments.
mscore worked perfectly for me on all previous distros
symptoms- no sound no playback [ notes do not move and/or turn blue]
have tried revert to factory settings
have tried starting as admin
have tried changing I/O settings. whenever i do musescore freezes and does not allow anything to change as i have to 'force quit'
jack works with everything else no problem and of course i make sure it is running correctly.
have tons of files from jaunty that worked great that i can no longer access.
have tried re-installing and upgrading several times to no avail.
under lucid all other sound programs working perfectly.
unfortunately wiped jaunty but thinking of going backwards
even thinking to revert back to windows from this one issue. am professional musician and need composition software to test out new ideas have spent hours searching for solutions.
everything else works why doesn't musescore ?
why can you not change anything in the preferences/I-O window ?
why is the default soundfont some random sf2 that the starting window says does not recognize ? of course i switch it to the gm sf2
i know how to change this in the display/synthesizer window. i even tried changing the .config file after about my 30th hour on this issue
mscore0.9.7b3149 ubuntu lucid 10.04 kernel generic PAE
it is not a question of computer as it is dual core amd with tons of ram. and every other program works [ some after tweaking of course .]