Lines with right aligned text appear to split during drag, and other buggy behaviour

• Jun 9, 2015 - 21:43
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S4 - Minor

In the attached file:

Right click on the palette line (VII etc.), select "line properties" and in the "begin" section set the "place" field to "above." Go into "text properties" and set the horizontal alignment to right-align. Exit the "line properties" window and double-click on the line. Select the middle handle and use ctrl + down-arrow to move it. The line will appear to split into two at some point.

I am informed that this is a temporary screen glitch, but it still needs fixing.

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By "temporary screen glitch", I mean it fixes itself as soon as you do anything that causes a layout (eg, adding, deleting, or moving something in the score, even just a select all). In some cases, this happens as soon as you leave edit mode. So it really is a much more minor issue than it appears.

Anyhow, it is caused by an incorrect bbox() calculation. Textlines currently calculate their bboxes by assuming default (left) text alignment. This also impairs the ability to click text that has been displaced in this manner. Plus it causes the line to start too far to the right if you change the text alignment to right but leave the placement at Left instead of changing to Above or Below. Hopefully the same fix would address all of these issues.

Title Lines with right aligned text appear to split during drag, fixes itself on relayout Lines with right aligned text appear to split during drag, and other buggy behaviour

I have bumped into this issue again and more buggy behaviour has come to light. See attached file which has instructions which I have duplicated here:

(1) Add line VII (from advanced palette) to the location marked with a red note. Now open line properties and set the "begin text" to "above" and "right aligned." Set "continue text" to exactly the same as "begin text" (VII, above and right-aligned).

(2) Now shift and drag the line downwards to between the two staffs. It appears to split and reform. Now UNDO with Ctrl + Z. The line splits again. Click onto a blank part of score to deselect. One of the splits appears to disappear.

(3) Now leave the program (but don't close anything) and go to another program. As soon as you do, the line reappears fully formed but it can be difficult if not impossible to click on it again!

(4) You can also experiment with using repeated UNDO to see what this does after dragging the line.

This caused a crash in my original score but I cannot duplicate it here. From the user point of view the main problem seems to occur when you set the text to "right align."

(Win 7 HP. Nightly, 4 July: d048bbc).

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