Playback won't start in 2.0.2

• Jul 21, 2015 - 15:22
S2 - Critical

I updated to 2.0.2 today and have been editing one score. The start & stop playback button mostly won't work. It works if I exit MuseScore and start it up again.

Attached is the score I was trying to edit, taken from the contributed files and altered a bit (not yet finished). There are two parts, one invisible.

It's also been unresponsive quite often, e.g. deleting single notes. At times, nothing appears to happen for long enough to make it seem that nothing ever will. I have a Corei7, running Win7, with 12GB RAM, most of which is free. There doesn't appear to be any good reason for that to happen.

I appreciate that's a separate problem, but I don't have the energy to file multiple bug reports.

I expect I'll be reverting to an earlier version, for the time being.

GIT commit: f51dc11


Have you tried simply rebooting? Even if it seems nothing else should be interfering, something else may well be. There's really nothing MuseScore 2.0.2 is doing differently from other versions that would cause this to be happening, so chances are whatever you are seeing is a fluke of your current computer state not related to the specific version of MuseScore. In particular, there's no way a simple / short score like this should be giving even the slightest performance problems, and it doesn't for me even on an extremely low-powered computer. That is a sign that something else is going on with your system.

Nothing has changed, other than the MuseScore version, Mark. It works some of the time. Stick with it for long enough to do some editing, and it stops working. I then have to close MuseScore and start it up again. It then works.

I'll revert to 2.0.1, and I'll let you know if the problem persists with that version.

I have now.

I rebooted, started MuseScore (automatically reloading the score), then checked that the playback was initially working. I left it alone for a while then checked again, and made a small edit, changing the clef to 8vb to make it more readable... and then left it alone again for an hour or so.

I then clicked on a note in bar 23, and pressed the play start/stop button. It redrew itself to indicate I had, but nothing happened. Nothing is continuing to happen, as I type this.

The bug is entirely reproducible, for me. It's just a question of waiting long enough. When I click the play button again, it redraws as disengaged. Click again, and it redraws as pressed down. Still nothing further happens. It doesn't play.

I haven't yet reverted to 2.0.1, because it wouldn't install over the newer one (I tried earlier). I'll have to uninstall it first. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

Feel free to uninstall, but since this bug apparently only affects your system, without your helping in tracking down what is unique about your system to cause it, there is little chance of anything being done about it.

I don't believe in uniqueness, when it comes to computers, Marc. I have a standard piece of disused HP office equipment, recently serviced (i.e. dusted) by the guy who sold it to me, second hand. It runs Windows 7 Pro, fully up to date, which as far as I know was a recent clean install.

My reasoning was to see if the bug also now happens in 2.0.1, since you said nothing significant had changed that could affect it. I had been using that for long enough to have noticed though, so I could assume it wouldn't happen. If it's something specific to my system, it seems to me it should happen in both versions, based on what you've said.

Even so, if you'd rather I left 2.0.2 on then fine - what else do you want to know?

I can't get much use out of it in its current state, but if I can do something useful to help resolve the problem, by all means tell me how.

Has 2.0.2 been out long? I only saw a notification for it yesterday, and I've been using MuseScore fairly often, lately. I assumed this bug report would be among the first you'd received.

I see. It seems like early days to conclude that I'm the only one with a problem then.

If there's anything constructive I can do, please let me know.

Incidentally, I partly bought this PC so I could use MuseScore 2, upgrading from 1.3(?). I didn't have any major problems with 2.0.1.

"Unique" is a strong word, how about "unusual", then? So far you are the only one to report a problem, so it's unique so far. Lots of things can make a system unusual in this sense. Could be a conflict with the device driver for your specific model of webcam, conflict with some software you have installed for scoring bridge tournamets, etc - anything that most users would not be encountering. The point being, it seems to work for most people, so obviously, something must be different about your system.

So if you want to help, sure, why not go back to 2.0.1 for a while to see if the conflict really does seem unique to 2.0.2. If so, that might suggest the conflict specifically has to do with the different version of the Qt libraries used, and we could then propose additional diagnostics from there. If the problem does appear with 2.0.1, that would suggest the conflict is with some something else that was recently installed at roughly the same time as 2.0.2, and we would go from there.

FWIW, I uninstalled 2.0.2 today, and installed 2.0.1. It didn't appear to have the problem - I used it for some time, leaving it open after exporting a PDF, then playing music reading the PDF for quite a while before going back to it.

However, after leaving it open for an hour or two, it does the same thing - pressing Play doesn't play, and nothing will make it do it, other than restarting MuseScore.

I'm not sure if it does it more often, or sooner, in 2.0.2. I would guess it does, because I never noticed it before upgrading, but it would be hard to prove. It definitely can do it, in either version.

I'm also not clear if it's about how long MuseScore has been open for, or how long it's been left unused. Either way, it does take quite a while before it happens. Maybe what's different is my pattern of use - possibly other people don't leave it open for long periods of time?

My guess is it is not about how long it's been open, per se, but about what other process on your system starts up and gets in the way. Could be some process that runs every 12 hours or whatever, or in response to something you only do every once in a while.

The thing is, I seem to be able to get this to happen quite consistently, say, by leaving it alone for two hours, after using it briefly. So, if it was another application starting, it would have to start at fairly frequent intervals.

I assume MuseScore is waiting for something to be released to it, that never gets released, yes...

I'm still inclined to think I can't be the only person with the problem - just the only person to have noticed it and reported it.

At one point, it seemed to be doing it almost immediately, in 2.0.2, so maybe the effect is cumulative, once it starts happening. It would take a lot of patience to prove that though :)

Has anyone actually tried this, or are you just assuming it doesn't happen in your case because you haven't seen it happen? I realise it's a fairly tedious experiment to do. Best done when you have to go out for something, for a while.

Also, I never experienced this with 1.3, which I used for a long time... I hadn't with 2.0.1 until today either, I know, but my experience at the moment, is that this affects 2.0.x running under Windows 7.

I put off upgrading for a while simply because my main PC only had Windows 2000, and couldn't run MuseScore 2, so I've only used any version of 2.x.x for a few weeks - I bought a newer PC. I went from 1.3 to 2.0.1, then 2.0.2 a few days ago - and am currently back on 2.0.1 for experimental purposes.

I usually have it open for days at a time. Every once in a while, some glitch happens and I restart it. Some times I need to reboot. My system is unusual in a number of ways (running Ubuntu inside a chroot under Chrome OS), so none of this surprises me. I don't see any difference here between MuseScore or any other application.

Sounds like there are two variables here, then: one is moving from 1.3 to 2.0, the other is moving from one computer with Windows 2000 to a different computer with Windows 7. Hard to say if you've have experienced the problem with 1.3 on the new computer since you apparently haven't used that combination (much? at all?). But FWIW, 1.3 and 2.0.2 use *very* different versions of the Qt libraries, so if something else on your system is causing a conflict, it's certainly believable it would affect one version of MsueScore but not the other.

Actually, that's not the same issue described here - here, sound works for a while then randomly stops. And as far as been described, its only the play button that has issues, not sound in general.

Mostly likely, you just need to to do a "Revert to factory settings" as described for your particular OS in the Handbook, perhaps due to some leftover settings from a previous installation that you deleted or some other cause. If you still have trouble, please use the Supprot forum to ask for help, and include information about your OS and your settings in View / Synthesizer and Edit / Preferences / I/O.

I seem to have found the solution, or a workaround for this.

Going into Power Options, on the Windows 7 control panel, then "Change plan settings" (for the active power plan):-

Under "Change advanced power settings", I see PCI Express. Expanding that (clicking the + on the left) there is "Link state power management". Expanding that, there's just one thing called "Setting", which can be "Off", "Moderate power management" or "Maximum power management".

- Setting that to Off seems to solve the problem for me - I can leave MuseScore open for a few hours and the Play button still works.

I expect this isn't specific to my motherboard; it probably applies to a range of them that have build in PCI Express sound - like the problem with USB devices being disconnected if Windows is allowed to power down inactive USB ports.

Of course, turning it off and back on again works too - exiting MuseScore and starting it up again. Some people might prefer to try to save power, and do that, I suppose.

No. Sorry. I take it back.

I just didn't leave it long enough - it's doing the same thing again, now I have. It seems turning it off and back on again is the only reliable solution,

Title Playback often won't start in 2.0.2 Playback won't start in 2.0.2

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I was working on a score that I was trying to make, I noticed that the playback was not starting. I thought it might have to do with my bluetooth headphones that I was using so I disconnected them but the problem still persisted. When I tried rebooting it would not work no matter how many times I tried.

Title Playback won't start in 2.0.2 Playback won't start in 2.0.2
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Closed due to lack of information. Please report, with the information of your working environment and precise steps to reproduce, in a new thread if this still troubles you in the latest version (3.4.2).