Clean Up Unnecessary Time Signatures When Main One is Changed

• Aug 3, 2015 - 06:37
S5 - Suggestion

If a score has multiple time signatures (say, 4/4 for most measures including measure 1 but 3/4 for 2 measures somewhere in the middle), then when I change the time signature for the entire piece to 3/4, the 3/4 time signature is still displayed in the middle of the score.

It would be nice if MuseScore removed the now unnecessary time signatures.

Steps to Recreate Situation:
1. Add a 3/4 time signature to measure 3 of My First Score.
2. Drag and drop a 3/4 time signature to measure 1.
3. The 3/4 time signature is still displayed in measure 3.

System Details:
- Windows 7 x64 EN-US
- GIT commit: 7f58e9f
- Also tried MuseScore 2.0.2


I am not sure I would like to have MuseScore deleting from my scores things *it* thinks are superfluous.

While in the simple case of a score made of just a single, unstructured piece, this may seems the most obvious thing, I can imagine several scenarios where the "unnecessary" time signatures are actually wanted / needed: a series of short exercises, multi-piece (or multi-movement) scores and so on; I am sure other users may come with more examples.

Limiting the "superfluousness" at the next section break may address some of these cases, but the section break is not always applicable (particularly now that it also entails a line break).

And, again, in general I prefer to be myself the judge of what is necessary / unnecessary, rather than trusting an algorithm.

I agree with Miwarre. Also, sometimes I deliberately put an identical time signature in a measure because I want to protect the notes after it from a time signature change that I'm about to add in some earlier measure.

What OP describes is better suited as a plugin, named something like "time-signature cleanup" that you could run after you finalize your score. But not in main codebase.

FWIW, while I agree it is better for MuseScore to not *automatically* delete time signatures, I have two observations:

1) I also agree an explicit plugin or tool to clean up isn't a bad idea. Clefs and key signatures too,

2) While deliberately adding unnecessary time signatures used to be necessary pretty often to get around issues in how MuseScore manages time signature changes, with 2.0.2 you can now select a range of measures you wish the change to apply to and double click the time signature in the palette, which does the same thing without the need to add the unnecessary time signature first yourself. That ios, the time signature changes for just that range, and is restored to the original afterwards.