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• Aug 19, 2015 - 11:44
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I know it is useful to export parts with the score, but in my orchestra we care little about the score, yet we still have to either do something with the pdf or throw away paper if we only want the parts.

I propose that "export parts" does exactly what it reads, export the parts and an pdf which could be called NAME-AllParts. I propose a new option to "export parts & score" which does what "export parts" does today.


You are aware the individual PDF's are already exported as well as the combined PDF? I find this more convenient than a combined PDF because then I can easily ask the individual musicians to print their own parts.

But indeed, I don't personally find the score+parts PDF to be all that useful either. I'd rather a separate score PDF for myself as conductor (which I might print or read directly from my iPad) and a combined parts PDF I can print myself or give to someone else who volunteers to print all parts. Or, as I said, post the individual parts somewhere (eg Dropbox) and ask everyone to print their own.

I don't doubt that others find the combined score+parts PDF useful, though.

Yes, I know that the individual PDF's are exported too, and that is awesome! We too usually prints our own notes, mostly, but when we start to play a score for the first time the leader has usually printed all the parts. And there have been quite a few cases when it was needed to print most parts again, for example when one is dependent on everyone having it for tomorrow (short timeinterval to ask everyone to print), and other times when we have to borrow a lot of musicians for an event or there are coming a lot of new musicians.

I updated the original request cause it was vague. it would be nice with an pdf which could be called NAME-AllParts in addition to all the individual parts.

Yes, I think our situations are very similar then :-). Ideally, i get everyone to print their own parts, but soemtimes there just isn't time - like if I finish an arrangement only hours (or minutes!) before the rehearsal (or gig!). It's not a big deal to me to print the individual PDF's, and it's also not a big deal to load the score+parts PDF and find the page number where the parts begin and start printing there if I don't want the score printed. But a parts-only PDF would be ideal.

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I haven't seen a lot of people standing up for the value of a single score+parts PDF. Given that the format is often different (different page size, different orientation) I often find this more trouble than it's worth. How would people feel about just eliminating the score+part in favor of a parts-only PDF? Still export all the individual parts, and perhaps the score as well.

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I will put in a vote to keep the score+parts pdf. It seems an obvious and simple way to publish works for small ensembles (I mainly deal in wind quartets). Your customer gets a single file that contains everything they need - a score and all the individual parts. I use A4 page size for both score and parts, with the score usually scaled a bit smaller than the parts. However, I would like the option to not generate separate pdfs for each part. I hardly ever use them and they just clog up my disc. If I want to print a single part, I do it from the score+parts pdf by selecting the relevant page ranges. I can even print a selection of parts from most print dialogues.

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More buttons might be useful.

How about buttons for

a) export score only
b) export all parts in a single file
c) export all parts in separate files
d) export score + all parts in a single file
e) export score and all parts in separate files

or alternatively,

a list of score + individual parts with two tick boxes each
tick box 1 indicates "export this to a combined file"
tick box 2 indicates "export this to an individual file"
and a big "EXPORT" button to press after ticking what you want.

How about this concept? This would give even more flexibility, and is in my opinion also quite clear.

I would make a new Export dialog, with at the top a dropdown menu / combo box to choose to which file format you want to export. Based on that selection, some options appear below.

For instance, for PDF I would imagine an option to choose between single file or separate files, and a list where you can select exactly which parts you want to be exported.

(By the way, another use of this dialog could be when exporting to audio, to let the audio file start and end at a specific measure.)

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