Sound bugs

• Aug 22, 2015 - 18:18

In the score I am writing when I click play, doesn't quite play what I write. Plays a few extras:

1) Writing with 5/4 signature, in one bar, I have wholes using 4 of the 5 beats. One of the instruments keeps playing on the rest on the 5th beat holding the note for the rest on the 5th beat and for the next bar.

2) One of the other instruments changes the last note on the 4th beat while the note written remains the same. For example: I have an F note written for 4 beats, changes note on the 4th beat, while I have written no such thing.

3) Sometimes, if I delete a chord playing on all instruments and replace it with something else, it keeps playing the previous chord notes.

4) Also, very random changes in dynamics while song is playing, while i haven't added any, yet. From piano to ff and back to piano, in the same chord or simple melody on one instrument.


It's possible these are bugs, but it's also possible you didn't enter the music quite correctly for the effect you wish to achieve. Either way, we'd need you to post the actual score (via the "File attachments" link right below where you type your reply) in order to understand more and either tell you how to correct your score or reproduce the bug in order to fix it.

I actually recognize (3), but I thought it was fixed a while back. What version of MuseScore are you using? Also, please do attach an example of a score that's giving you problems.

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I am on a new laptop so I'm using the latest version, thanks for the help but problem has been solved. I tried rewriting from scratch and worked with the eq a bit since instruments with trills sounded much lower than without a trill. And the problem with the sound continuing after the note ended is gone too. But if I have another problem in the future, in the same score I will definitely post it here. Thank you very much. :)

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