Chordname property change bugs

• Oct 30, 2010 - 09:53
S4 - Minor

MuseScore version: 3646M trunk nightly build Mac OS X 10.6

On using Text Properties to change chord symbol positions, the Chordname capitalisation property is lost and a ghost chord symbol remains.

For example, in the attached image, three G chords and a G7 chord were created as normal. The first G chord was selected with a right-click and Text Properties selected. 'Unstyled' was checked and the Y offset changed to 6.00.

'apply to all elements of the same type' was checked and OK clicked.

The image is the result. The Chords are no longer shown in uppercase and a ghost G remains.

The 'G' is certainly a ghost. If I take a screen grab using MuseScore's new Foto mode, it doesn't appear (also attached).

But then, it is Halloween tomorrow.

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In v1.3, yes. The Ghost 'G' doesn't appear, but changing a chord name property and applying it to all of the same type changes all the chord names to lower case.

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Chordnames are indeed totally different for 2.0. But text properties never really were intended to work for chord names, except to set the default size. Rendering of chord ames has always been controlled by the chord description XML file. This much remains true for 2.0, but the specifics of how this works have changed radically.

My impression from the original description is that what was being described as being attempted never should have worked, so it was probably never a bug in the first place. But to be sure, it would help to understand exactly what the orginal intent was behind the problem report - why was the text properties dialog being used, what the lower case letters were supposed to indicate, etc.

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The chord names changing to lowercase is/was the bug. They should not have changed at all. I was not trying to change them to lowercase. I was trying to relocate them, probably closer to the staff – it was three years ago that I reported this! I might have been trying to change the font size as well.

I do not see why it should not be possible to relocate the chord names. I am often trying to squeeze music onto fewer pages. The difficulty of doing that with Musescore is probably my biggest problem with Musescore. I do prefer Musescore over Sibelius and Finale though, both of which I have. One thing about Sibelius was that you can simply shrink everything with a simple change of staff size. There doesn;t seem to be a simple way to do this in Musescore. Thus I often try to shift things around to squeeze the score.

I would generally select the chord names a line at a time and move them, all else failing, when I need to.

Status (old) active needs info

Could you list specific exact steps to reproduce whatever problem you are dtill having?

Changing size or position of chords is done via the Style menu, not text properties. Vertical position is set under style / general (this may change), everything else in style / text. As already mentioned above, text properties don't really apply to chord ames, as they are not plain text. But if you need to override the default as set in the style menu, simply drag to the new position.

Also, things *do* automatically resize when you change staff size. So fitting more music on a page shouldn't be a problem normally. If you are finding things not resizing automatically when you change staff size, you should submit a separate report with the score you are having problems with and specfic steps to reproduce.

I'm not doing anything strange. Simply add chord names to bars, select one and edit its properties. I changed the vertical spacing. In v1.3 the chord name becomes lowercase; in the latest nightly it remains uppercase but shrinks to a tiny font size.

Edit it's text properties, I guess? in 1.3 this doesn't work at all, after changing the offset the chord simply vanishes and on reload reappares at the same spot.
You'd need to change offsets and size via the style menu, not text properties
In 1.3, if a score becomes lower case, it means that MuseScore didn't recognise it as a chord, so check the chord properties. If that shows a C major on something that is not, you have the prove. Showing your score here might help investigating.

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Surely this doesn't only happen to me? I shouldn't need to show a score when it happens in any score I make to test it, as in the images on the original post.

If the text properties do not and are not intended to operate on chord names then they should not be presented on chord names. That would be a simple and acceptable fix.

I do know about the style menu and I do make changes there. I like to colour chord names, for example. It is possible that three years ago when I reported this I wasn't aware of that menu.

Hence I think the solution is probably simple: do not present misleading options!

The ghost chords in 1.x are most probably fixed ba a score reload. And no further fixes will be made to 1.x.
I'd agree that text properties should not be shown in the context menu for chords, unless they work.
You can change Offset and Color in Inspector (F8) though.

FWIW, though, when posting a bug report, it is always good to include the score and exact steps. Just because it always happens for you doesn't mean it always happens for everyone else. You might have different option / style settings, be creating your score differently (from a template versus from scratch, etc), adding the chords differently, etc.