Transpose by Key doesn't transpose by perfect octaves

• Dec 22, 2010 - 08:29

If a user selects Notes->Transpose..., checks the Transpose by Key checkbox, leaves the key unchanged, and then selects either the Up or Down radio button, transposing will have no effect. I would expect MuseScore to transpose up or down by a perfect octave, but this is not occurring.


Status (old) active by design

The stem direction changes direction unless MuseScore is told specifically whether the stem should be up or down. Usually this only happens if you flip the stem direction (using X) during editing. In this particular instance the MusicXML file explicitly specifed the stem direction for every note (MuseScore is simply complying with this information).

To set the stem directions back to "auto": select all, right click on a note head and choose "Note Properties", change stem direction back to "Auto".

Status (old) by design active

David Bolton, I think you intended for your comment to be in response to my other bug report.

I assume that you intended for that issue's status to be changed from "active" to "by design". Based on that assumption, I am reactivating this bug report and changing the other one to "by design".


Simple workarounds:
ctrl + up arrow to move the selected notes an octave up.
ctrl + down arrow to move the selected notes an octave down.

However, I do agree that transposing should move the notes an octave rather than do nothing if the direction is set up or down.

Patch also seems simple. I will probably send a pull request tomorrow.