MuseScore Crashes repeatedly when Editing Staff Properties to Change Part Names

• Oct 20, 2015 - 01:42

Using MuseScore 2.02 for Mac, I viewed the attached file in Continuous mode, then right clicked on the part name at the start of the staff, selected Staff Properties, changed the names of the Part, and when I clicked OK, MuseScore crashed. The crash report is also attached.
This happened twice in a row.
(I tried to upload the temp file, which shows 0 bytes, but the file extension is not allowed.)

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Gloria 3 crash 2.mscz 74.22 KB
Gloria 3 Crash File 2.txt 72.47 KB


FWIW, I cannot reproduce the problem on Ubuntu. The stack trace makes it looks to me like the problem actually has something to do with a save operation, but I was able to save the modified score as well. Could be Mac-specific?

Thanks for both responses. I will take a look at the two reports referred to by cadiz1.
Perhaps someone with a Mac can check to see if the problem is reproducable on their machine.

I think I managed to reproduce the crash starting from scratch.
It is quite an elusive bug. I can't understand where it precisely originates.
Here are the steps:
1- Open My_First_Score
2- Add one additional instrument (i.e. press "i" and add one instrument, e.g. flute)
3- Page view -> Continuous view
4- Left click one of the instrument (long) names found at the left of the staves
5- While the instrument name is still selected (still highlighted in blue), save the file -> crash
(or wait until autosave takes place -> crash)

I found that the presence of the vertical frame and the continuous view (in which the vertical frame is not visible) are necessary to trigger this crash.

From the backtrace, it crashes at the instruction clear() at line 270 of libmscore\select.cpp:270, inside function Ms::Selection::deselectAll.

Windows 8.1, commit 130c710

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