Missing first letter of the chord name

• Nov 4, 2015 - 07:21
S4 - Minor

Using latest build (MuseScore 2.1.0). I tried to add chord names to a staff (Ctrl+k). Typing Em, only 'm' is shown on the score. If double-clicking on the chord to edit it, Em is still there.

So it looks like a layout issue where the first letter is chopped. If entering EEm, I get Em on the score.

I tried with MuseScore version 2.0.2, and everything works fine. So it seems there has been a regression somewhere.

Using Linux Mint 17.2.
GIT commit: 5254f57


I can't confirm this, it works as expected here, latest development build, Windows 7 (Enterprise, 64bit), Standard and Jazz chord style

Status (old) active needs info

This is a sign of an incorrect installation - the chord description files are missing from the installation folder. Is this a build you did yourself? If so, you must do a "make install".

I'm running MuseScore directly from Qt Creator. So this could explain the problem.

I tried to run "make install" from the command line and it produces errors.

Shouldn't there be a default file or a note in the developer section on the website?

do you have the 'make install' step in QtCreator? And in the execute project settings do you have it set to run from where 'make install' puts the stuff?

Ah, I didn't I know had to add the "make install" instruction myself inside Qt Creator. I added the make install instruction, but on Linux it requires administrative rights and I get an error.

I'm wondering if doing make install could conflicts with MuseScore 2.0.2 already installed.

At least, I managed to get the Chord names shown correctly by choosing the style file in the custom field (/home/steph/MuseScore/share/styles/stdchords.xml). So Marc was right, this issue was related to the missing style file.

But still, could there be a problem with the path used for the chord style files? Because in the Preference dialog, I configured the style folder to my local git repository (/home/steph/MuseScore/share/styles) and I see the style files there in the file dialog.

It looks like MuseScore doesn't take into accounts the style folder I chose in the Preference dialog.

In fact, in the custom "Chord symbol file style" field, I need to enter the full file path (/home/steph/MuseScore/share/styles/stdchords.xml). If I only write "stdchords.xml", I miss the first letter of the chord names (MuseScore don't find the file).

Could it be a Qt issue?

No need for that, just set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in your cmake options from within QtCreator. This allows you to specify where you want the install to go. Then you also need to change the Run options to use that copy, as MuseScore will look for all files relative to the location it was started from. See the compile instructions on Windows for more on configuring QtCreator. Probably this info sdhould be reproduced / adapted for the Linux sections too, but the Windows instructions basically work.

BTW, this isn't just about chord symbols - lots of things won't work out of the box if you don't have MuseScore properly installed. Templates, soundfonts, etc.