Repeat and fade

• Nov 9, 2015 - 16:08

Am using MuseScore One. I want to repeat and fade in the last four bars of a song.
After reading the handbook and forum I still cannot do it. Can I get some help?


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Keep in mind, the whole point of MuseScore is to produce beautiful looking scores for human musicians to read. Computer playback is just an adjunct to that goal. Not everything you can put into a score for human musicians to read will affect playback. The words "Repeat and fade" will be sufficient for the human musicians.

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Add it as staff text (Ctrl+T) to the first note of the first measure - or last note of last measure if that works better - then drag it up / down sideways (or use arrow keys or Inspector for more precise control over position). The actual position is up to you. I personally tend to go above the staff for things like that too, but it depends on the specifics of the score, where I think it will fit best, where it will be most clearly visible.

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