Documentation updates for 2.1, also 2.0.3

• Nov 9, 2015 - 22:17

As discussed in, there are a number of new features implemented already for an eventual 2.1 release. These will need to be documented. There may also be a 2.0.3 release before then. While mostly focusing on bug fixes, this might include some new features or other changes that require updates to the documentation. Even relatively small things like menu name changes or redesigns of dialog boxes may well trigger documentation updates.

I of course plan on updating my book "Mastering MuseScore" myself, but we will also need to update the Handbook as a community. So I am proposing we start by putting together a list of changes that will need documenting. 2.1 is still very much a moving target, and it's also not necessarily set in stone which 2.1 changes will end up in 2.0.3 and which will not, I am especially concerned about changes already meregd in the 2.0.3 branch that might otherwise slip under the radar.

How about if we start a discussion here in the forum, then maybe as things take shape we can consider having a dedicated page on the site for this, or even just a Google Docs file we share?


A few additional significant changes already implemented might be:

- #70996: Copy all lyrics to clipboard (516c3be)
- #74171: Implement "cresc." dashed line as alternative to hairpin (04604f5)
- #22626: System dividers (7ac83bf)
- #73686: Historic Tabs: allow input and display of bass strings notation (8e0aeaa)
- New compressor effect in Synthesizer (8f5fa69)

And some screenshots to be updated:
- #81876: Add more clefs (fd33632 and 036d1b7)
- Redesigned Page Settings dialog (480a01f)

In fact, I have a very vague idea about which of the commits (by myself or by other) merged to master have been merged to 2.0.3 too. Actually, until a few hours ago, I did not even had a working 2.0.3 on my machine.

A centralized place where to accumulate info about places needing documentation update is very useful in my opinion. A thread like this, a Google doc or whatever is more or less the same, for me.

The doc update itself is less important for the time being, but it would be nice to have a workable draft of it some time before the actual release.

Some points I could take care of taken from the commit logs:

- #71931: TAB: Option to show tied notes even in stemless styles 2.0.3
- #19155: Apply glissando to multiple notes in chord 2.0.3 (actually fixed, but the issue manager did not seem to notice...)
- note value 'grid' in TAB 2.1; quoted in the main post, but requiring a good deal of documentation, so...
- more font styles for TAB ?.?
- Bass notation for lute tabs ?.?
- Better lyrics dash control 2.1 (the actual implementation is different and better that the one discussed in the forum thread)

Hi, I am very new to MuseScore and would just like to add my 2 cents to this topic, since I observed similar problems with other projects.
A solution to handle documentation would be to +2 a new feature ready to be merged only, when it also covers documentation. So nothing gets merged that is not already documented.
So far this approach has been very successful for all participants (developers, reviewers, users...)
Of course I do not (yet) know, if this is a viable approach within this project.

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