Undo's do not play properly

• Feb 7, 2011 - 21:56
S4 - Minor

Whenever I edit my score by raising or lowering notes, the playback is updated.
If I then undo my edit using ctrl z, playback is not 'undone' but plays as if the edit is still in place.
This is correct when I change one of the notes again.


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Reproduce (with 1.1 prerel on ms windows 7)
- open attached score
- select the last two notes (click one, shift-click the other)
- lower them by one octave (Ctrl-CurDown)
- play
=> changes played correctly
- undo (Ctrl-Z)
- play
=> still sounds the same as before undo
- save score
=> plays correctly

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bug_undo_playback.mscz 1.4 KB

I find this bug happens in many situations where changes are made and then Undone. In play mode (not note editing mode), I can delete a single note, or a note of a chord, and it plays without that note. If I then Undo that with ctrl-z or via the menu, the score changes back to include the note, but it does not play. If I delete another note or make some further change, the sound updates. Also, I've found that just saving the file clears this error.

I tried doing this with adding a note, then undoing that, but what happens then is that the undo forces the program back into edit mode. So this may be a clue to the problem. Outside of edit mode, you can delete notes, and undoing that deletion does not put you into edit mode. I imagine if you open any file, delete a note, undo, and then play, the note won't play, although it's shown.

Personally, I feel there is something odd about the functions in edit and non-edit modes, which includes the fact that you can move and change and delete notes without being in edit mode. That might require another thread, or it may already be reported here. One serious problem with it, however, I'll mention here for now - if you're in play mode (non-edit mode), you can select a note length in the toolbar, and it will change the length of any selected note in the score. You may not notice that a note is selected, so you may not see anything change, but a semiquaver might have been turned into a semibreve or something, turning large parts of the bar (a phrase you worked hard on) into rests. Surely the whole point of an edit mode is that when you're out of it you can't make changes. Anyway, I mention this here just because it may have bearing on the above undo bug. Hope that helps. (Great program!!! :D )

Edited to add: Windows XP, MS version 1.1 - 4611