Duplicating of elements with Ctrl + Shift + drag onto a score

• Dec 24, 2015 - 16:56
S4 - Minor

By working on this bug yesterday: #91536: Ctrl + Shift + drag causes a crash for the figured bass symbols, I met a behaviour a bit surprising, or rather, I did not know for my part!
By holding the Ctrl + Shift keys within a score, and by dragging elements to a note or rest (by highlighting them, or not, for some elements eg lines and dynamics) to another note, you can duplicate these elements also long as you like. In fact, it's a very good copy-past, without the "real" copy-past!

I just began to experiment. But in principle I think it may be a good time saver. For example, for the fingerings. To copy and paste in the usual way, you need to do: click for select -> click copy (or Ctrl + C) -> select the second note -> (past, or Ctrl + V). That is to say four operations. By using and holding Ctrl + Shift, I have to just drag and drop the item from one note to another note. That's all!

And knowing that the last copied item becomes the reference element and so, it is always "pasted-duplicated" very closer to the next note. You stay onto the score and in an easy and comfortable space, unlike the fact of making the same action by the palettes eg (or by the usual way to copy-paste as I said)

For the lines, it's the same thing. We know that the ability to copy-past the lines is not implemented. By this way, they are! Or they are duplicated, I do not know the right term would be: probably duplication.
I do not think this is a feature? Or so I had completely forgotten ... or ever tried.
In short, why I had not understood this yet? I have not seen this operation documented or seen and read on forums (for now). Or have I missed something?
For the record, are concerned the elements of the palettes: Arpeggios and Glissandi, Breaths and Pauses, Articulations and Ornaments, Accidentals, Lines, Fingering, Dynamics, Tremolo, Repeats and Jumps, Tempo, Text, and Fretboard Diagrams.
Many, many elements! :)


I don't know of it was intended to be a feature - I suspect it was implemented originally for the sake of custom palettes - but it does indeed work. Not a well-advertised feature, to be sure, and yes, it's especially useful for copying lines and whatever few other elements that can't be copied normally.

Yes, works really very fine. Easy, fast. Only advantages.
So how should we consider these issues/feature request now ? (may be it remains some other related threads?)

- #2861: Lines can't be pasted
- #8190: Copying notes but not lines, dynamic and so on
- https://musescore.org/it/node/46471

As solved? Solved by a workaround (but I think it's really much better than a workaround, it's a great feature in my opinion...), or by an "unusual way", or by a feature that was non-intended/ignored until now?

It's not necessary to click first on the element. Just do:

1. Hold on "Ctrl + Shift"
2. Drag and drop the element onto the desired note.

Or onto the desired measure, depending if the elements are attached to measures (eg Voltas, Hairpins), or to notes (eg Slurs, Fingerings)