Two Bugs

• Dec 28, 2015 - 00:43
S5 - Suggestion

(1) Program does not allow placement of a chord in the bass clef that is clearly distant from the nearest note in the treble clef. I have to write the chord an octave lower than it is written in my manuscript and make a text notation that directs the performer to play it an octave higher than written.

(2) Program does not allow the composer to place a chord in any position of the melody he chooses. It seems to be based on some set of rules that precludes the creativity of the composer. Not happy about that.

GIT commit: f51dc11


What you are describing are not bugs. When using the mouse to enter notes, MuseScore chooses the closes staff. To enter notes far above or below a staff, or just to enter notes more efficiently, use the keyboard to enter the notes, as described in the Handbook. Reading the Handbook will also expalin how to enter notes at any time position you like - your creativity is not hampered in any way once you learn how to use the note input facilities.

For more help on using MuseScore, please ask on the support forum (Help / Ask for Help from within MuseScore).

To be clear, it's not that what you're describing are not bugs; it's that they're not true.

In addition to the absolutely vital reading of, here's a couple of other hints:

if you genuinely feel like you can only enter notes by clicking with the mouse, then you can enter a note an octave below and use [Ctrl]+[Up] (Mac: [Cmd]+[Up]). (If you actually do want to write things an octave lower with an indication to play an octave above, you don't want to use text, you want an ottava— see

Also, to make mouse entry less restrictive, you might want to increase the distance between the staves (see

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