Custom Dynamics in 2.0

• Jan 5, 2016 - 03:33

Hi, I would like to create the dynamic sfff

I've created my own workspace and allowed editing. However there is no way to create a new dynamic marking from scratch as far as I can tell. I also cannot combine two markings together. For example, there's an "s" and a "fff" but even with editing enabled, I can't combine the two. It's also very cumbersome to drag an "s" and finally an "fff" to the same note; it'd be nice if they were the same marking. In Musescore 1.3 it was easy to add a couple of extra Fs or Ss and then change the font but I can't seem to get the right font in Musescore 2.



I just tried creating a dynamic from a piece of staff text, and then changing the font using the inspector. The location of the text changes to the appropriate spot but the font does not change. Is this a bug perhaps?

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Hard to say without seeing the score and the steps you are following. The Inspector isn't for changing fonts; it does however allow you to change "text style", which happens to include font info. Not sure what you were expecting it to change into, though. If you though maybe you could enter a normal "f" as staff text and it would turn into the special script "f" used for dynamics just by changing font, that isn't right. The special script "f" isn't just a normal "f" rendered in a different font - it's a totally different character that only happens to look like an "f". You can enter it via Ctrl+Shift+F or using thr F2 palette.

Creating custom dynamics is actually extremely easy. Just enter any existing dynamic, double click it to edit it, and then type whatever you want - it's just plain text. The special script letter are entered with Ctrl+Shif, so type "Ctrl+Shift+S, Ctrl+Shift+F, Ctrl+Shift+F, Ctrl+Shift+F". You can also get special characters by hitting F2 to display that palette, or simply copy and paste characters from other dynamics. Once you have created the dynamic, you can add it to your palette for future use as described in the Handbook under "Cusotm palette".

Possible "conflict bug"
Trying to enter a p using the ctrl+shift method ends up opening the plugin manager in Musescore 2.0.
You have to disable this shortcut under Edit->Preferences in order to be able to enter a proper p.

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