Shortcut conflict—"p" dynamic glyph and Plugin Creator

• Sep 1, 2015 - 04:04
Reported version

For me, at least, I am much more likely to use the shortcut [Shift]+[Cmd]+[P] (non-Mac systems: [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[P]) while editing the text of a dynamic to enter the bold "p" glyph than I am to want to open the MuseScore Plugin Creator. Yet these shortcuts conflict by default, and the Plugin Creator apparently comes out on top. It doesn't even make sense that there would be a default shortcut for the Plugin Creator—there's nothing for the Plugin Manager. I suggest that no shortcut be assigned to the Plugin Creator by default.



I agree. I wanted to write "sempre p", but when I created staff text "sempre" and tried to add the p by following the instructions on p208 of Sabatella's manual, I got the Plugin Creator, although f, etc., work as expected. Starting with p from the dynamics palette and adding sempre works, but if you then want to change it to pp, you seem to be out of luck.

You should still be able to customize the shortcuts to remove the conflict. Just clear the shortcut for plugin creator, or set it to something else. Meanwhile, yes, I agree, we should consider doing this by default.