Allow Navigator to be docked or floating

• Jan 29, 2016 - 16:21
S5 - Suggestion

With #93131: Navigator does not follow vertical orientation when vertical page orientation is selected fixed, displaying the Navigator on the right of the window doesn't look right to me. Many applications that display pages in a vertical column offer a thumbnail sidebar similar to the Navigator, always on the left side, never the right. I'm used to seeing it on the left, and on the right it just seems odd.


FWIW, I'd prefer it more out of the way, which is to say, on the right. So I'd consider simply moving it to the left to be step backwards. A step forwards might be to allow it to be docked wherever one likes.

Title When displaying pages in column, put Navigator on left instead of right Allow Navigator to be docked or floating

Good thinking! That's something we can all get behind.