Lute flags are always shown, although set to only repeat at the beginning of measure

• Feb 2, 2016 - 23:56
S4 - Minor

Nightly 2.1:
In the attached example, all lute flags are shown, although the option is set to "only repeat at the beginning of measure" ...
It's a little bit disturbing, as in other examples it seems to work!

In the release version the option also seems to be working.

GIT commit: d08e14c

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It seems that you have wanted to try something, intentionally or not, in the Beam Properties palette.
To return the score to its original state, you have to select it all (Ctrl + A) and then make double click on "Auto" in Beam Properties.
I get your result if I select again the score with Ctrl + A, and if I make double-click on the previous symbol (see image below), or on one of the three previous symbols.
In my understanding from now, it's not a bug, but an effect (quite harmless, or even the opposite!) of the implementation of this new feature alas not scheduled for the 2.03 :(
See your file after applying "Auto" in Beam Properties: ATestLute.mscz

... oh, that's true.
Probably I didn't notice this effect then.
Good to hear, that this can be changed quite easily!
Thank you very much for your swift answer.

Anyway there is something, that would be good in my opinion to change for the beams/flags:
It would be good if every flag could be shown individually, which is possible in the beam mode I used incidentally, but not in auto mode, as then only the first one of a group can be set on or off.
I would like to be able to repeat the flags at the beginning of every measure, but from that option to change the visibility of some beams, e.g. in 16th every fourth or in the midth of a measure etc. for a better readability.
I thought to have requested that, but probably it was only a remark in another post.

Status (old) active closed

So, I propose to close this thread, since the cause has been found, and that it is not a bug (I renames as a task). If not, Miwarre, or other, could reopen.
For the feature request, please, re-find the location where you have evocated this query (with examples - images), and at first, it is probably best to discuss in a forum, if you wish.

Yes, I think the thread can be closed.
I stumbled into this - I now remembered -, as I set all of the notation systems to notes without beams, which I did with crtl-a. So the tablature system was included incidentally, but as often, this was very productive in the end, as I found out new things for me (see also below).
Thank you again for your help.

I requested the possibility of force showing of flags here:

But! ;-) - now I found out that this is already possible with the beam options.
If I select one tab sign, I can force the flag to be shown by double-clicking on the singular beam icon - and revert it by double-clicking on "auto".
Probably it would be good to have that palette named differently in tablature mode (and with different icons): "flag options" or in German "Fähncheneigenschaften".

So I again have to say: It is really astonishing, how much musescore is already doing out of the box!!
I cannot thank all of you enough for the efforts, you already made!