[Windows10] Font issue with flats in Instruments dialog/Transpose/String Data

• Feb 16, 2016 - 09:11
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1cc8542/ Windows 10

The title summarizes enterely the problem.

For more details and comments, see:

- https://musescore.org/en/node/98201
- https://musescore.org/en/node/95566


But it happens just after an update to Windows 10 (from 8.1 in my case) and after a "Revert to factory settings". Sufficient for consider that the issue is real and annoying (in terms of display).

Hmm, here's a theory, doesn't seem too plausible but it could explain what we are seeing:

Maybe a full install of Windows 10 includes a more complete version of the font in questin, but when updating from 8.1 to 10, this fuller version is not installed and the old incomplete 8.1 version remains. You might then think, we should see the same problem on 8.1, but not if this font is not the one used by default in 8.1.

If I'm right, then installing the more complete version of the font to replace the one on your computer would be the fix.

When upgrading to Windows 10, I do not recall any question relating to fonts, or for incomplete/more complete version.
I've never had the hand. The program asks you to wait, that's all I remember! And so I really can not tell if your theory is admissible or not, sorry :(

EDIT: and as reported in another thread, the Transpose window of course is also affected.

Can you use Windows Explorer to find the file for the Segoe font (probably in C:\Windows\font or something like that), then right click it and choose Properties and tell us what info you see (or post a screenshot)? Basically, I'm looking for any identifying information that would help us see if you have an older version of the file than people for whom it works.

If what I am guessing is true, then this is probably Microsoft's bug.

Another indication concerning the translation:
- In English, I get this in the tab " Use double # and... square symbol" (in Transpose)
English .jpg
- And this in French: "Utiliser des doubles dièses et bémols"
Moreover, soon after the installation of Windows 10, going in MuseScore in the tab "Help" -> Resource Manager, for update the language, I came across on this empty page (I have made a screenshot because I was very surprised by this)
I tried to reproduce, I never could, and still can not. Don't know if related.

Let's focus on the font. Cadiz, since you are one of the few able to reproduce the problem, can you give us the font information requested by Marc?

Well, because I don't fully understand the information requested by Marc, or at least, I don't see "good" information (in my opinion)
So, I go to:
2) At the opening, there is many sorts of Segoe fonts.
Segoe font.jpg
3) I have not access (with right-click) to the Properties at all these fonts.
Eg, impossible with Segoe UI
4) But I have with another:
Example (with result on two tabs)

Let me know if I need to look elsewhere.

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That's on a system where it *doesn't* work, right? Would be interesting to see how it looks on a Windows 10 system that *does* work. Also, I suppose, if we could see the fonts themselves (the bad one and the good one), like if they could be posted to dropbox or something. Probably the license doesn't really allow it, but whatever.

Anyhow, if I am right, I guess the fix for now is to switch to a different font in Windows, or to update your Segoe UI font to a better version, although the date on that one seems recent enough, so I don't know if that will really turn out to be it.

A radical solution that I avoided until now would be to use FreeSans as MuseScore application font... I avoided it so far to keep a bit of blend with the system... but I'm ready to do it if we find out that 90% of users on windows 10 don't see the flat symbol...

"Considering that we have a similar problem with XP and Vista"
Really. Why it has not been reported.

"A radical solution that I avoided until now would be to use FreeSans as MuseScore application font"

Radical solution, indeed. :(
Nothing else, sure?

Personally I am not a fan of Free Sans (bigger, fatter). If no other solution, New Times Roman (as the 1.3) would be a better candidate?
See image below: left to right (Free Serif, Free Sans, Times New Roman)
test text.jpg
But it may mean other changes too important? Do not know at all :( And from now, the moment (for the 2.0.3) is not appropriate?

I tried yesterday to change some paramaters in the Windows fonts. Without success presently. I can try something else to find the culprit. But I need to know what direction to go for help.

What about using the system font by default, but allowing (not requiring) FreeSans as the application font as a setting in the Preferences?

Title [Windows10] Font issue with flats in Instruments dialog box [Windows10] Font issue with flats in Instruments dialog/Transpose/String Data

Despite some trials to change some paramaters, nothing new here :(

Great new: flats are back on my laptop/Windows10 ! :)

I noticed just a few minutes ago. But I have none idea when and how. Really!

I did not do anything special, in fonts change or something else. I just remember that yesterday, Windows update was performed automatically. Is this related? I do not know.

While doing research, I saw this: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/update-history-windows-10

But again, I can not say whether if it is a link of cause and effect.
So happy, but a little surprised and disappointed to have understood nothing!

Don't know for now if we consider this issue definitely solved/closed ? Advices? Thanks.

Status (old) active fixed

Personally, I consider this issue fixed. I do not know how, but it is. If someone encounters the same problem now, he may reopen.

That link shows: "•Improved support for apps, fonts,..."
Anmd the list of affected files a couple links deeper lists some Fonts, Segui*.ttf among them