Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
OMR of Score is not cloned won't fix 5 9 months
Parenthesis for notehead closed 2 10 years
Shift/Alt+number shortcut adds wrong note for transposing instrument (with concert pitch off) closed 3 9 years
Glitch with editing duplicate 2 4 years
Program crashes when using slurs closed 7 11 years
[Trunk] Sound continues after mute or solo closed 2 12 years
Cannot flip breaths/pauses using X closed 6 3 years
After copying MIDI channel to new part, note stems extend to the bottom of the display closed 2 1 year
Fret diagrams without 'x' and 'o' closed 4 9 years
Notes not properly placed closed 2 9 years
[ubuntu-PPA] no v2.0.2 closed 4 8 years
Updating MuseScore artwork closed 23 13 years
Handbook: Recent Changes page not updating correctly? closed 4 6 years
[trunk] Footer offset is acting differently on odd and even pages closed 3 11 years
Erratic handling of brackets closed 2 10 years
Note Input cursor does not follow Alt+Up and Alt+Down closed 4 9 years
C# for AltoSax in default soundfont is silent closed 6 13 years
[Trunk] Score with one page doesn't appear correctly in navigator closed 7 12 years
Layout shift on first layout after load closed 4 9 years
Dialogs should not be on top of all apps closed 15 8 years
MusicXML export: quarter tones need alter element too closed 2 14 years
MuseScore crash when opening midi file closed 5 12 years
Removing instrument causes crash closed 7 11 years
crash on up/down arrow after entering new pitch for note in repitch mode closed 2 10 years
Deleting an instrument crashes the application closed 4 14 years