Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Pause button is unnecessary and detrimental closed 9 12 years
Undo delete of notes and beam crash closed 7 12 years
Hang when saving if triplets are present closed 7 12 years
Crash when adding note to wrong percussion staff closed 6 12 years
Make pdf from Simplified Chinese & Japanese handbook closed 8 12 years
Chordnames not transposed on copy-paste closed 9 12 years
Multi-measure rests hide special bar lines closed 10 12 years
Import of lilypond hangs won't fix 4 12 years
QString conversion of MIDI meta message text needs fixing closed 7 12 years
Tuplet bracket position closed 10 12 years
alsa do not work on musescore closed 7 12 years
Grace notes not erased on paste closed 4 12 years
Copy and paste transposes some chord names/Transposition doesn't transpose some chords closed 6 12 years
MusicXML export of syllabic is broken closed 3 12 years
Music XML Open causes Program Abend won't fix 7 12 years
[0.9.6 RTM] Crash on loading score where a key signature is selected closed 3 12 years
R key does not work as expected in drum staff closed 3 12 years
Remove the last inserted vertical frame make musecore hangs closed 5 12 years
Crash on create Chord Name & Harmony Properties dialog and no chord text displayed r1929 closed 5 12 years
Hide edit chord description for 0.9.6 due to unfinished implementation closed 3 12 years
Concert pitch lossy transposition (recent 0.9.6 branch regression) closed 3 12 years
The plugin framework should avoid the use of the same object in different score active 1 12 years
[Web site] Add forum name to the head of topic list closed 3 12 years
MuseScore uses 33% of CPU if reverb is on closed 2 12 years
Measure repeat sign always on top when dragged from palette closed 9 12 years