Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Same name for 2 Clefs closed 14 14 years
Sharps and flats do not resize with chordname text style closed 15 14 years
Italic lyrics not good for Chinese closed 3 14 years
Cannot use hyphen as keyboard shortcut for flat closed 2 14 years
Adding a new instrument above a staff with notes causes crash closed 5 14 years
Dot collides with ledger line closed 4 14 years
Moving instruments up or down through instrument list is tricky closed 3 14 years
Articulations too close to note head closed 2 14 years
Unnecessary natural signs at key change closed 2 14 years
MuseScore default saving location is very confusing under Windows Vista closed 4 14 years
Just Curious closed 1 14 years
Translated strings not displayed closed 3 14 years
Closing the last tab actually closes the first tab (regression) closed 2 14 years
Ties do not work via note entry with mouse (regression) closed 6 14 years
Drum palette freezes when you double click closed 3 14 years
MusicXML export of dominant chord closed 3 14 years
Template crashes if key signature is selected closed 2 14 years
Volta not saved properly, applied to whole score after reload closed 5 14 years
Chord name bug and workaround closed 2 14 years
Insert multiple bars at end closed 3 14 years
Ledger lone missing under rest when above staff closed 3 14 years
MuseScore Specs Sheet closed 8 14 years
Improper vertical note alignment and ledger lines too short closed 3 14 years
Chord name entry broken closed 5 14 years
Playback range does not consider octave markings closed 2 14 years