Release notes for MuseScore 3.1 Beta (April 12, 2019)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
macOS 10.12+:, Windows 7+ 64-bit:, Windows 7+ 32-bit:, AppImage: 3.1.0. (revision: 06f0dddf) 2019-04-12


  • Single-note dynamics playback - long notes can play dynamic changes
  • Updated soundfont that supports single-note dynamics out of the box
  • High quality soundfont with better strings and synth instruments available as an extension in the Resource Manager
  • Half-time/Double-time feature that shortens and lengthens rhythms on copy-pasting
  • Linearization feature that unrolls all repeats
  • Internal computational approach that allows creating 256th, 512th, 1024th notes and any kind of compound tuplets
  • Online documentation for Plugin API is available


  • Select notes after deleting various elements
  • Make copy-pasting hairpins possible
  • Fix significant lag on iterating over notes with left-right arrows
  • UI refinements including more streamlined Inspector


  • Accent-staccato didn't work in default template
  • Some properties were not kept on saving score
  • Incorrect key/time signatures and clefs appeared in the score in specific cases
  • User-modified barlines were not linking correctly between staves of a score, parts, and multimeasure rests
  • Ties were laid out incorrectly in some cases
  • Problems with layout of with beams, slurs, tuplets, and tremolo in cross-staff notation
  • Sizes and positions of some elements were not scaling correctly for small staves
  • Brackets didn't appear after section break
  • Users were automatically logged out after 5 hours when using Save Online
  • Phrasing in target measure was not cleared on copy-pasting
  • ChordIdentifier Plugin didn't work with MuseScore 3

Complete list of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • #68456: Bends are out of tune
  • #286207: Fortepianos that last longer than a segment play incorrectly
  • Fix double articulations playback in default template
  • #286757: Accent-staccato playback bug in string quartet template
  • #285934: [Guitar Pro] Regression: GP 5/4/3 files Plays Piano Only
  • Single-note dynamics feature
  • New soundfont with improved strings, synth sound and single-note dynamics support out of the box

Layout and automatic placement

  • #281024: Invisible staves inappropriately factored into note spacing
  • #279259: Chord symbol spacing issues
  • #88411: Ties in tablature: vertical position wrong and ends hidden behind fret marks
  • #279182: Cross-staff slurs/ties trying to avoid note on wrong staff
  • #286794: Permanent double time signature/key signature after style changed then save/reload
  • #280969: Cross staff 8ths lose beam if all notes moved to staff above
  • #281024: Invisible staves inappropriately factored into note spacing
  • #284046: Breaths & Pauses accumulate offset
  • #284644: Part Name reference point in generated parts
  • #280657: Measure Rests laid out incorrect x position in measure after adjusting their x/y offset
  • #283177: Insert measure at beginning of system generates extra undeletable key signature.
  • #286948: Ties arranged obliquely by automatic placement if more than one voice exists in a staff (MuseScore 3.1.0)
  • #287022: Tie position incorect over line break without clef
  • #286530: Dot sizes small in instrument parts
  • #279417: Brackets do not appear after horizontal frame
  • #281019: Staff text offset applied to wrong above/below position
  • #282021: Beam thickness not scaling with staff size
  • #282026: Stem Displacement
  • #286645: Elements not scaling with staff size
  • #284440: Positions above/below staff not scaling with staff size
  • #283312: Hairpin position changes on reload if horizontal offset applied on small staff
  • #285802: strange placement of tuplet number in cross-staff tuplets
  • #280531: Beam separates from stems when crossing staves.
  • #285603: Cross-staff tremolo causes disconnected beams
  • #286017: initial barline vanishes when changing linetype
  • #280912: Double barline not synced in a score with parts
  • #102821: "Dropping" end barline onto Multi-Measure rest should apply barline to end of multi-measure rest
  • #282696: Double Bar lines do not extend between instruments
  • #283318: Show barlines check box has no effect
  • #285279: Hide system barlines check box has no effect
  • #123436: Double barline doesn't appear on the staff of the added instrument


  • #283828: Add end-start repeat barline back to barlines- and repeats palettes
  • #286068: Playback cursor not tracking notes on invisible staves
  • #286276: Leave note selected when adding palette items in note input mode
  • #286067: Palette selections stay highlighted
  • Inspector UI improvements
  • #279389: Request to rename "Timewise delete" command
  • Hairpins could not be copied to another place
  • #286821: Common instruments lists all
  • Users were automatically logged out 5 hours after log in
  • Improved UI for play panel widget
  • #284501: The "stemless" checkbox inside bar properties does not produce effect unless the page is redrawn
  • Fix palette elements drawing
  • #286651: Redundant text style controls in various Style dialog sections
  • #276504: Palettes: need to double-check a few icons
  • #283140: Replace 'Delete selected measures' by 'Timewise Delete'


  • #278847: 2 decimal places for tempos
  • #282862: Moving an image can't be undone
  • #285781: Non-default style settings in score get applied to all parts on reload, leading to bad transposition and other loss of data
  • #283592: Feature to write out jumps and repeates (Linearization)
  • #285923: Lines from palette added by double-click with range selection ignore score style settings
  • #287141: No element is selected after deleting slur or other marking
  • Selection was dropped after deleting various elements
  • #45361: copy/paste and "R" do not delete slurs or lines in target measures
  • #281083: Slur should be deleted when changing duration of note deletes subsequent notes connected to the slur.
  • #285383: Edits to "let ring" and "palm mute" lost on save/reload
  • #282191: Lines: need to add text to "Palm Mute" and "let ring"
  • #284991: Fermatas prevent hiding of staves
  • #282890: Figured bass style parameters not saved
  • #285432: Fermata manual adjustment not saved
  • #286121: Text font and size in footer of a part are fixed (to those of score). Changes have no effect.
  • #283033: Improve Delete measure

Corruptions and/or loss of data, crashes

  • #283545: Crash on undoing removal horizontal frame
  • #285888: Crash on removing a horizontal frame twice
  • #285662: 3:4 tuplet appears corrupted
  • #286240: Crash in Brackets Editing Mode and on Save
  • #286946: [MusicXML import] crash when importing file with duplicate rest
  • Possible crash happened on startup because of sequencer initialiser code
  • Possible crash happened on crash reporter destruction
  • #287102: Remove Selected Range (Timewise Delete) of a partial note in another voice leads to crash
  • #274614: Crash after stopping playback during soundfont load and doing something
  • #273783: Crash when playing and closing score whilst synthesiser loads
  • #279801: remove MDL ends in crash
  • #283497: Setting of disable multimeasure rests in parts is lost after saving
  • #286121: Insert measures of exactly one system leads to crash on Undo/Redo
  • #278707: Files with 256th, 512th and 1024th notes are corrupted
  • #285693: Crash when enabling MIDI via palette button


  • Add Doxygen based documentation for Plugin API
  • NoteNames plugin didn't work correctly with grace notes
  • ChordIdentifier plugin didn't work in MuseScore 3


  • Fix significant lag on iterating over notes with left-right arrows


  • #285858: Turning off mmrests results in assertion failure
  • Fix memory leaks which led to consuming too much RAM
  • Some elements appeared untranslated
  • #277903: sad state of command line option documentation
  • #281867: "MuseScore quit unexpectedly" when closing MuseScore 3.0.[1-5] on macOS with a MIDI device
  • #286666: Figured bass: Error message when no note selected untranslatable
  • Implement half time and double time feature on copy pasting
  • User appeared logged out when MuseScore finished incorrectly