Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Drumset included in octave change active 5 7 ans
Glissando collides with accidentals active 4 9 ans
Add option to hide numbers on measures with rehearsal marks active 4 6 mois
joined scores from album lose line alterations active 9 2 ans
Too Many Instruments Will Push Score off the Paper active 8 6 ans
Volta Bracket number needs info 2 3 ans
TopStaff anchor for articulations/ornaments does not honor notes and beams outside staff active 0 11 ans
Plugin development with Qt Creator active 7 1 an
In "My posts", the "Mark as read" option doesn't work active 22 1 an
Audit all import filters for the new TPC1/TPC2 construct active 4 7 ans
First note of system and incoming tie misplaced for C major key signatures active 3 6 ans
Erratic behavoir when applying slur or haripin to a septuplets active 4 7 ans
Cannot enter unison notes via mouse active 0 7 ans
Bitonal chords (eg. G# plus Gb) active 6 1 an
gClef8vbOld missing in Gonville active 6 6 ans
Supporting function-notation active 11 8 ans
Slur and phrase end notes should play at 90% length active 37 1 an
Ability to create tuplet with total duration different of note figure active 0 11 ans
[MusicXML] percussion keys on wrong line active 1 2 ans
Embedded markup in instrument long and short name after importing MuseScore 1.3 mscx file active 4 2 ans
Export midi for parts doesn't work after export to MSCZ active 0 7 ans
Don't eliminate layout elements upon some cases of time signature change active 19 7 mois
Split chord across staves in cross-staff notation active P2 - Medium 29 3 mois
Downloaded PDF Handbook – formatting issues active 15 2 ans
Minor issue with end barlines not superseding existing barlines on measure delete active 2 7 ans