Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
MIDI End-of-Track occurs prematurely / unequally when track ends in silence. active 2.1 1 5년
Request for control over metronome behavior in compound meter active 2.1 8 5년
Unconnected tie remains when deleting tie-ending note from its chord active 2.1 2 5년
Enabling looping in play panel makes Musescore ignoring selected note to start playing active 2.1 1 5년
Mac Enharmonic Correction active 2.1 10 5년
MuseJazz.mss from 2.x is incompatible with 2.x active 2.1 8 5년
Repeats don't nest active 13 5년
Slurs and Hairpins crossing voltas and codas active 3.0 1 5년
Small attributes not copied with Repeat function active 2.1 2 5년
Lyrics in one voice affect hypen positions in other voices active 2.1 6 5년
Duplicate Measures active 3 5년
Issues tracker: "Details" section missing active 0 5년
[New site] Issue Tracker: Priority, Category etc. need to be set to default values active 1 5년
Request for "lock screen" feature to stop all automatic repositioning of score view during note input active 2.1 6 5년
'Lock-Score' Tool active 3.0 24 5년
wrong MIDI for notes with two stems (and identical duration) active 2.1 0 5년
Website: Access User links (My Profile etc.) and you lose navigation elements active 2.1 1 5년
Octave transposing instrument doesn't change clef properly in part when toggling concertpitch active 2.1 0 5년
Menu structure active 2.1 21 5년
Keyboard-accessible way of accessing parts (and navigating sub-windows in general) active 2.1 1 5년 "Settings" point to active 2.1 5 5년
Replace recorder instrument in FluidR3Mono default soundfont active 3.0 6 5년
Option to create non-slur curved lines active 2.1 3 5년
midi remote control bug needs info 2.1 7 5년
Problem with duplets in compound time signature. active 2.1 5 5년