Issues for MuseScore

Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
ARM AppImage needs to work with non-pulse systems (ALSA-only or Jack) active 2.2 40 4년
ARM AppImage upgrade to Qt 5.6 (will handle plugins that open up a new window) active 2 6년
Arpeggiation sign doesn't play the top note on high BPM active 3.5 13 1년
Arpeggio collides with repeat barline active 3.5 1 2년
Arpeggio doesn't show it in part active P2 - Medium 3.0 9 3년
Arpeggio symbols: autoplace min. distance not working correctly active P1 - High 3.0 3 1년
Arpeggio symbols: improve vertical alignment active 5 2년
Arpeggio, strum, bracket symbols: allow movement with L/R keyboard arrows active 3.5 1 1년
Arpeggio: Too much space before the symbol when it occurs at the beginning of a system active 3.5 0 2년
Arpreggio layout when the chord has accidentals and a pause is preceding it active P2 - Medium 3.4 4 2년
Arrow arpeggio missing from standard notation in GP import active 3.0 2 1년
Arrow keys doesn't move object when several ones are selected active 30 2년
Arrows for offset in Inspector should match actual directions that objects move; one spinbox with 4 directional arrows active 7 2년
Artefacts in bar number display in continuous view active 2.1 4 5년
Articulation not copied active 8 7년
Articulation properties have function active 3.0 0 4년
Articulation properties: right-click menu. active P2 - Medium 3.0 7 1년
Articulations and ornaments: possible to override AP using arrows or Inspector offsets active 3.0 0 3년
Articulations and other elements created in 1.2 not displaying correctly in 2.0 active 4 10년
Articulations are too close to tab numbers 2.X->3.0 active P1 - High 3.0 3 4년
Articulations causing issues with MIDI input active 3.2 0 3년
Articulations misplace in cross-staff notation needs info 3.5 5 6개월
Articulations: problems adjusting position using Inspector active 2.3 3 4년
Artifacts after leaving edit mode at zoom <100% since DPI/FreeType changes active 1 6년
Artifacts after scaling part active 2.1 0 6년